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Headline Reads,
“God Book Is Free For Everyone!”

This is what happened.
In the year 2009, a man heard God tell him that God was gonna ask him to write a book.
Okay, immediate alarm bells.

Not a voice coming from a burning toaster. Or anything like that.


He says that he has thought-versations with…The Mind of God.
“Two-way, telepathic communication with God. Private, personal. ”

I have read the book. And with all fairness, I followed the entire book. I did the exercises, and observances. And I was diligent. And the plain fact of the matter is, that until I had that first clear experience of telepathic communication with God—I’d never, not-ever be able to say it was just me thinking inside my own mind. You know, maybe fooling myself. I did have a wild imagination, you know. But I can’t remember ever trying to imagine a telepathic deal with…God.
Do you?

IF you do, leave me some parts of your story that you want to…any kind of style…video, audio, article, all three…send them on over, and I’ll put your content on this website.

The FREE Books on God, and the Books on God…really yours, really now.
YOU can buy the book
OR you can get the book for FREE!

When you get the book, you’re gonna have a chance to change more than you can ever imagine. This is the book that I found REAL heavenly solutions to situations that are impossible and implausible. As I get along in years, I’ve had a chance to embrace many spiritual solutions, and all the big themes of each self-actualization method that was the darling of the season. Yes, I did it all.
AND I was terrifying, too.
BECAUSE I had God. I mean, I HAD God…but God did not really have me.
I’d never really met God before.
NEVER in my own mind. Not with such forceful persistence.

The Point Is, “That this stuff really works. And it makes sense that it does work, too.”
—Swami Bob

It’s your turn to get your hands on real knowledge that will actually cement the relationship of your mind, heart and soul with the single purpose of frank and honest telepathic communication with God.

Seriously, what wouldn’t you give to know what it’s like, in human terms, as best as can be described, what it’s like for God to…be God. What is it like? Does God hear sounds? Does God smell smells? I am resisting making jokes about God…like Does God pick his nose? And then, “IS GOD A HE?”

What do you think? Tell me. Write it out, or video, or audio or all three.

So whatever your answer is—I don’t want any double-talk, and stupid word games. IF somebody tells me one more time that it is written in The Holy Bible, say King James version…something about how because it is written in that book, then it is the final word on the subject—I’m a bit touchy about this approach to truth.

That’s why when I read this book I had to put my sneering doubt-master in neutral, and let my mind take in the fact that I was taking what I was reading…seriously. I had to put the book down.
What I was starting to understand was NOT intellectual.

In this book that I read, the way I got results at all was by practicing the stuff I learned how to do while reading the book. But in bits and bites. Not at all trying to do it all in one sitting. I think my head would have exploded.

“This is the real-deal, and when you get into the book, you’ll get fired up by the single most powerful, creative and intelligent Personal Coach in All of Creation”
—Swami Bob

The simplest thing in the world is to read a book, or listen to a book, or watch a book…it’s not difficult to download the files, or get stuff from the website. There are a lot of options, and some special extras, too. IF you want to, you can listen and watch the entire book. And there are special videos with some training from the book.

Here is What to Do Next
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