How to Pray—RESONATE With God

how to pray to God, chanting AMEN

What IS Resonance?

Sympathetic Vibrations can be VERY powerful. Remember the film clip of the suspension bridge rigging caused into effect–-in this case the bridge began to sway and dance because of the wind hitting a specific frequency that let loose the cause POWER…just enough for the effect to be caused to be…if you read what is meant.

Here is a link to some video of the dancing bridge:

So, what does this have to do with you and the searing, raw POWER of prayer? And thus you are defined by how far you are prepared to go—within the pure devotion you have to an ideal of spiritual perfection embodied by direct and intimate being.

You are allowed to do what you want with what you have, and it really is up to you what you do with all the stuff that is around you. With a little bit of attention to detail, and some careful summoning of The POWER of purest intent—piercing the very heart of your prayer.

Because you are applying the Great Power Of Job’s Prayer. He says it like it is, as he feels it, and it is a very long prayer. The main part of this prayer gets going AFTER he’s been sitting with some buddies (for at least seven days and seven nights) in the local dump. In the ashes. Covered in Satan’s little treat—oh, by way of God, too.
Yeah, this all went down because God decided to do it. God could have done something else, but God didn’t. He chose to give Satan permission to afflict Job.

Satan goes for giving Job the hardest tests., and gives Job the most basic reductions—Not once but twice. Job is made to suffer via the loss of that which he loves. And so you can read the entire story yourself. But the lesson of this long prayer is entire, and magnificent. That’s why it is in this particular set of scriptures (The Prayer of Job.)

Now, you may be wondering if you believe in Satan, and for that matter, if you believe in this particular God of the Prayer of Job. When you think it through, do you want a God who consorts with Satan? And makes deals to test YOUR uprightness?

Well, whether or not you don’t like it, or you think man is born into sin, and that’s the central heart of the Pure and True Christian—and you can sincerely confess the life of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

And the entire and complete Protestant Christian Establishment, including the Evangelical Church, and all manner of Pure Protestant Christianity. And then there are all the Catholics. With all the variants and degrees of ultra purity. And in all of this imposters and frauds, lurks a pure truth that many seekers find, and it is the fountain of life.

So is it worth it? Yes, the physical realities of the churches means that when the POWER of prayer summons even the sleepiest drunkard from his or her bed—to come and stand-sit-lay AND chant with the simplest of intentions—to just be there in the midst of that most simple of to pray, prayers that resonate with God

And how do you do this, oh church of Jesus?
THIS IS SO simple it’s gonna make you not believe it could BE so simple—-90 seconds of chanting, “I AM”

To start.

And then some scripture, read outloud, SLOWLY, for 90 seconds, without interpretation.

Now you chant for 90 seconds, “AMEN”

Another round of scripture slowly read outloud—for 90 seconds. And in this way, you continue the cycle of chanting and slow reading over the period of 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes—even 10 minutes of this approach can seriously shift the paradigm, and make the intensely powerful vibration of resonance with God and Heaven.

The Prayer of Job is a sober reflection and a mild relief—when you are being afflicted, the loss of everything you own—deathly ill by some fluke of whateverness—no money, and helpless, left on the side of the road to die, basically. Satan and God made a deal to see how far you could be pushed before you hated God, and spat in the Face of God.

For some reason that only God can EVER know, ONE of the stipulations God made? Satan could do anything but kill you. Though you might well kill yourself IF it gets bad enough, right? Or kill someone else. Or do almost any number of contiguous sins—just to escape the affliction of suffering given to you as a sick bet between God and The Henchman.

That is why everything you think and say and do, and so on…especially the way you feel, and what you feel, and HOW you feel—PLUS a lot more…like, the way your spirit feels, and makes you feel, and how you feel about that—it gets sent out via the ether (indulge me) AND so to every part of the furthest reaches of everythingness. It is all zinging and zanging with vibrations, and all the entire noise is transmitted via some way or another, to every other part of the other parts.


What’s totally wonderfully bizarre? You can certainly ask to know about any part of the big question mark in the sky. And you can ask directly from God. And the way you ask can be via your prayer to know…as in The Prayer of Job.

This can help you know more about what is really going on. Because what you think you see is NOT always what is really happening. Like how some of the stars you see in the night sky, million of years old be that there star light you be seeing. And in real, right-now time, your date and year—where are those stars? Right now? Not where you be seeing them in the night sky…tonight.


Because the night sky is a cluster cluck of various vintages of light. Even the visible night sky is a big fat deception—for the real stars are long gone from the place you are seeing them.

What’s this got to do with Praying? It’s all got to do with the fact that where you are now is not where you think you are, at all. And when you resonate, you get to bio-locate yourself, and in reference to some constants that you may not have much time for.

AND so thusly, you don’t notice these constants—much. Except when you are out-of-whack, and then you really do notice the effect of the cause. AND so the effect can be known, and the original cause NOT known, at all. The original cause can easily disguise inside pure innocence—you do not know where you are in error, what you’re doing to cause the effect, and how you are in sympathetic vibration to a much larger error.

Now, to put this all in context, and what you can do with this insight…to radically boost the gain and get of your prayer? I mean, let’s get you drooling at the mouth to bring this POWER to push dead bears up trees—you’ve got people and situations around you that are dangerous, or suffering, or just threatening themselves with a very slow and excruciating death by incipient creeping mediocrity—you’ve got to give each and every thought you have as turned over to the Original Thought…so your thoughts can be Thought Again.

You get a chance to make a choice, right now…based on a decision you’re making, right now—to get serious about getting serious. That’s the place you’ve got to? Maybe.

Now you need prayer, and you’re looking for it. And I am telling you about how to do it. Just start with the 90 Second God Vibration.


Nice and slow. Take your time, make the sound as you exhale, slow and easy. Your voice will be at a normal volume. A quiet speaking voice. And you chant the sound, “AMEN.” And a nice touch is to gradually get softer and quieter…until you are barely making a sound.

In 90 seconds, you can get maybe six, seven or eight rounds of the Sacred Sound.

Perhaps it is best if you know the meaning of “AMEN,” this Vibration of God. “So Be It,” is part of the meaning. But you must go to pray to God


YOUTUBE VIDEO: Coptic chant, “AMEN”

Here are some links for you to enjoy, and to share around online with your network. These are short videos for getting the “AMEN” party started. 90 seconds is NOT that long a stretch of time, and yet so much can happen during that brief little snitch-it of tick-tick-tick.

S. Bob,

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Resonate with Heaven in 90 Seconds OR LESS

THE MOMENT, choice,effect,decisions,cause,The Las Vegas Example of the POWER of Cause & Effect—Choose and Decide—

Robert Farmilo

As I listen to the 120 or so seconds of the video number two in this cool-cat series on the POWER of “I AM.” This is simple stuff. Chanting with some humming and a bit of singing. Yeah, all set for The Las Vegas Example of RESONANCE with HEAVEN.

This is a little silly video of not-showing-off, the off-chant that you read this story about the POWER of chanting—it might change your entire attitude about how you can leverage cracks of time, and inject yourself with some quality-time hanging out with, “I AM.”

The beauty of this very cool blessing, the less than two minutes—even thirty seconds of chant-sing-hum the Great Name…causes resonance with Heaven.

And so, since in this series you’re getting the full-on-brunt of CAUSE and EFFECT, right? So…what’d you figure the EFFECT will be when you apply enough CAUSE over a short enough period of time…with the Resonance RePurposing as the simple approach…what’s gonna happen to you?

This isn’t some fancy dissolution of Creation mantra—-this is the Great Name, “I AM.” The singularity expressed here qualifies this vast sound as The Las Vegas Example—Demolition.

This is the sound of the burning bush. And it is blood curdlingly, OLD TESTAMENT. Don’t be gulled by visions of perfect, endless love, and twinkle-toed Sweet Angel, the Endless Sweep of Gracious Eternity—because “I AM” is soaked in the near infinite slaughter, birth, death, and rebirth from catastrophic annihilation.

Because you have a visible universe pointing at the scale of this violent example of The Las Vegas Example…but in this case it is Galaxies and Stars and Worm-Holes, and planets…all of these being destroyed by some big release of a lot of energy in a very short period of time.

It could be a big smack from a planet sized asteroid hitting your planet at say, oh—100,000 mph—that’d about do it. OR say a star going super-nova, unexpectedly—and enjoy being BBQ’d.

The galaxies that collide are numerous. In fact your galaxy is on a direct criss-cross, can’t miss, complete smack-smash-that’s-that disaster movie on a galactic scale.

And who knows how big tragedy can be? Maybe there is another Universe…a physical universe, similar to yours—and it’s heading this way. And your universe, and the other universe are going to crash into each other. What a mess?

Do you think that the fact that you can think this to be true actually makes it become true?

How far into the madness have YOU gone?

Feel like sharing yet? It’s safe, and it’s very satisfying to write exactly what you think about something without being afraid of being censored.

But that’s what happens, doesn’t it? To many “MOMENTS” that could have become, “The Moment,” but didn’t. Because of FEAR…of some sort or another. OR another place inside the heart—where the desire to change is strong enough to be very subtle…in the way that you release the energy…where you put the charges, and how much POWER you put into each charge.

This brings in the ART of the CAUSE. The W5’s of the Cause are beyond crucial. They must be in syncrony AND make a nice matrix of subtle supports for the desired effect to actually happen, and NOT something that you will end up calling, “The Mistake.”

  • Who-What-Where-When-WHY?

The W5’s are a way inside the fine tuning of choice and deciding…these two POWERS that are beyond important for you to give to yourself.

  • THE W5’s of your desired EFFECT?

Do you know what IS your really serious desired effect that you want to have happen as a direct or indirect result of the cause that you release? Do you know what you want to have happen?

Enter into a state of perfect clarity about what you want to have happen—THE Effect you want. Use the W5’s as a way deeper inside the detailing of your real and true desire.

Now you can begin to assert your allegiance to God, and ask for the pure alignment. What’s going on? You are going to ask for the CAUSE to come, NOW. Whatever the cause is going to best be. That’s how you want to frame this RePurposing.

Now sometimes buildings are demolished. Explosives are used, and when the cause is applied with all the W5’s in support of each other, the effect is as planned, as invisioned.

And down comes the building. And an obstacle to making more money is destroyed. And energy is released. A lot of energy is released in a short period of time to bring the building down. AND a lot of energy is harnessed and released when the site of the OLD building…gets redeveloped—RePurposed.

And so The Las Vegas Example of the POWER of choice, deciding—AND Cause and Effect—is the example set by deliberately destroying something. The impulse to ReProfit from existing assets…hence the use of demolition to quickly keep the cash-flow…flowing.

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Have some fun once in a while…if you can. It helps.

—All the Best!
Swami Bob
S. Bob
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AND the final boon for you…this video on DEMOLITION…is yours for staying until the end of the piece. This video is the highlight of Dollar Power bending spoons.

VIDEO! See Buldings DESTROYED–The Las Vegas Example <=== click this!the moment, the las vergas example



When RePurposing Gets Personal—CHANGE cause and effect, choice and decisions, ALL IN 90 seconds or LESS.

How did one man find a way to quickly resonate with the vibration of The Kingdom of Heaven? Find out how simple this easy and direct method—really simple—and pure, you know? The actual way this works, and what you have to do to get the immediate cause and effect going on…is by choosing to decide, and deciding to choose BEING with The Heavenly Vibrations…even if it’s ONLY for 90 SECONDS.

Most people have 90 seconds kicking around, here and there.
Don’t you think?

cause and effect, choice and decisions,While you are here, use this next teaching to…? What?

Make A Choice—DECIDE!

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That’s got to be up to you.

MY choice for you by way of my decision…that you cycle through the choices and decisions…and seek the long game vision…so the cause and effect that you release…will be…bleeping super-fine-fantastic.


…The Moment—Decision & Choice—the new Cause & Effect?

“There is the mystical moment, when the paradigms are in sharp focus, and the energy crosses between two poles—and in that moment you realize something…whatever that something is.”

HOW to REPURPOSE YOURSELF in 90 Seconds OR Less gives a little synopsis of the plot so far—how are and why you are where you are doing what you are and giving you all the because you’ll ever need.

The Moment—Decision & Choice—the new Cause & Effect? WELL?

There is the mystical moment, when the paradigms are in sharp focus, and the energy crosses between two poles—and in that moment you realize something…whatever that something is.

AND maybe you have a vision to go along with it—like you see the way the building will look, in your mind’s eye.


Why…the one you dreamed up, and then convinced enough of the right people that you were perfectly serious about building the building. And so it was built.

All the stuff that happened as a result of you deciding to build the building…all part of the chain of a whole lot of choices and decisions made by a many folks, NOT just you. They and YOU were all joined together in a big matrix of cause and effect…and all of that released by the one moment when you decided to choose—

— OR is it Chose to Decide?

You decide. You choose.
These two are the powers you have that are tied to the third part—FREE WILL.

AND by extension, the concept of Will Power.

By this is meant, “The fact that you have something called Will Power, and that being a power, like the power of speech…it is natural to you—GOD-given. And you can open up the organ of Will Power, just like you can open up the organ of speech.

Anytime you decide to RePurpose into Vibration of Heaven—90 Seconds of “I AM,” the faint mark is made. And as you keep doing these micro sessions of devotion to resonate with Heaven—you are making a mark.

IT’s like when you leave a post on the internet. It’s there. The words are there. Even if you erase the words.

And if you did some radio broadcasting, or on the broadcast television…you are somewhere out there, in the moment, traveling with the light-speed…caught on a frequency and broadcast into infinity. Yes, it’s only radio waves, and NOT really you, at all.

But when you chant-sing-hum “I AM” for 90 seconds…is that the way you are all the time? Are you always vibrating and resonating with one of the Sacred Sounds of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And because my belief is that the Kingdom of Heaven can be entered from within…you. That it is your nature to be in community with Heaven.

But your choices and decisions will bring you more of the same. It is a true example of the power of cause and effect to make things happen.

All the W5’s of each single moment in a collective of who-what-where-when-why, and that can sometimes barely answer the how of whatever the W5’s are being applied to comprehend…perhaps some unimaginable horror carried out by some murdering hordes.

Outright slaughter like in Rawanda…that came from one moment where the cause and effect could have been altered—on purpose—before the choice was made, and the decision made, too.

Because you have to decide to do something and then do it. So you give the command for something to happen. Notice the words that are used to explain a choice and a decision—YOU gave the order…YOU give a command…YOU were given an order.

What a gift!

Now, let’s consider the Dark Side of all this wonderful cause and effect, choosing and deciding…BUT before we do THAT, let’s allow your brain to soak up some quality stock.

…AND here’s a case of taking a point-of-view for a few sentences, and infiltrating your conscience.


Because it’s there.
Let’s take the idea of a vision.
Take the phrase, “What IF…?”

AND insert the completion of the vision. See if you can catch all the W5’s at loose in-vision.

  • What
  • Who
  • When
  • Why
  • Where

Whatever order comes to you…fill in the W5’s of your vision. You gonna find you’ve got a because going on, somewhere in your vision. The because is part of the why of the W5’s—but in a weird way, they are all matrixing away like crazy.

See, what happens is the very first cause and effect that science is now into…the singularity of the beginning moment of The Universe. What is now possibly infinite, and maybe multi-dimensional (like crazy space fiction)—the size of The Universe, and the age…best guessing by Science is 14 or so billion years old from the time of the singularity known as the Big Bang.

Whew. That took a lot to get HERE. To this moment, right now…where you are reading these words—maybe you are a future being, years from now, or are you reading this a few hours from now?

This is what might be thought of as the subtle application of deliberate cause and effect. You might click on the RePurposing in 90 Seconds video—and take advantage of the knowledge exchange.

cause and effect, choice and decision,===> 90 Seconds to Heaven <===

What you’ve got, right now, in front of you…YOUR LIFE to date, every little detail of the W5’s, the entire inventory of your current situation, all the cause and effect, choosing and deciding—and the imposition of other mortal’s injection of their W5’s and the actions they take based on choices made by decisions being chosen and choices decided—all of it being influenced by your injection of your W5’s, and your reason for being exactly where you are on the planet, right now, doing what YOU ARE DOING.

This is just a hint at the quick explosion of cause and effect, choice and decide-decision-decider, and the unknown W5 reactions of all other mortals involved.

AND here’s the skinny on this…we are all connected by wireless. I mean telepathically-spiritually-vibrationally. Where one of the entire tribe twitches, the group soul knows. All the W5’s of every mortal is linked, and by several degrees of cause and effect, and choice/decision, we are all in contact with each other.

There is a relationship with everyone on this planet. No one is separate by degrees of contact. IF you add enough degrees of separation by way of a person who actually can find and talk with the person you want to meet…HOW many people do you have to ask before you find the right person? IF no one tells you they won’t tell you?

I want to get into The Dark Side of all this…but it’s getting late, and I have more than enough here to keep you busy for the next 10 decades of drastic ruminating and inevitable evolution.

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God’s Price?

the price of God, God's priceOR—The Strange Case of the Offensive God

S. Bob

Let’s say you can pick and choose your God. And you can decide what price you’re willing to pay for God…and now let’s say you can tell others what is the price of God. You can set the price…because you’ve created your own adaptation of God. So what is God’s Price?

Sometimes when you are creating your own version of God—when you’re selecting the attributes of the God you want to have as your God—it might be tempting to leave out character traits that are anything but Care Bear Heaven merges with Smurf Perfection Vibration Realm.

When you shop around for the God of your choice, there are a lot of variations on the extreme nature that deity can dress up in…the fashion show of bloody sacrifice, and hearts cut out…a parade of slaughter—you can’t come up with some of this on your own.

Like the price of God in certain jurisdictions at certain times and locations that we know about…oh, Aztecs in Mexico used to line up by the thousands to be murdered in turn.

IT blows your mind when you start to count up the total number of human beings who took their place to wait for the Aztec version of heart surgery.

Is it possible that the priest caste actually believed in God? Even if it was a bunch of Gods they had going on—did these people BELIEVE in it…like, a hard-core, born-again, foaming at the mouth Jesus believer? OR some other example, sheesh—you know there are FANATICS from every corner of the religion deal.

Holy Nothingness, I’ve even had atheists who are Evangelical Atheists…trying to convert people to their faith of believing that there is NO God…or any of that baloney. And it’s all silly nonsense, arguing over whether my imaginary super hero is more completely true than yours.

The Price of God could be seen being paid by the innocent dupes who are born into a society where they are turned into heart donors for a sophisticated elite who use mind-control to keep the entire population firmly in line.

Mind-control backed up with SWIFT enforcement of the proscribed rules and…customs. The taboos pricked with sharp and merciless retribution for violation. A priest with a club to bash your head in can be a fast incentive to join the game, and help you to pretend you believe so much that you start to think that you actually do believe…so much.

Authority Figures who use The Name of God to get their way—that might be a sign that you are paying a price for God. The way you are co-opted by the force of custom that does NOT budge, and tolerates little outside of the correct and true way…tight bits put in your mouth to curb your speech…again, a possible price to pay for God.

The cost of having a God that is different from the God of someone else…well, in some jurisdictions it is your life. You pay with your life to have a God of your own choosing—UNLESS you pretend, and play along.

Let’s face it, there are places, right now, where you can get in a lot of trouble for being a certain brand, and also a certain nationality. Like say, if you are Palestinian, and a Muslim—you might run into some serious problems with traveling in Israel.

AND if you are a Jew from Israel…you might find some danger—IF it was known that you were a Jew from Israel…if you were traveling in territory controlled by The Islamic State Caliphate in Syria.

Someone who is sane might look at all this fighting over God as the use of ideas to get an advantage in some way. And to somehow get more power—which most of the time is a way to get more money.

God is made to pay a price, so that the few people who have the stomach for it can gain power and control over the many. Even today this use of God continues, and you are made to pay the price of God.

Back in the day, Children were routinely murdered, and their hearts cut out of their bodies. All to give The Gods a nice snack of appeasement. And it doesn’t hurt the image to kill a lot of kids. IT sends a certain message to the empire you control.

What would make thousands of people go to their deaths, one-after-the-other…and NOT have a major problem keeping order…just a few enforcers to move ’em along? How does that get done? What’s the special brain-hack I can get to make thousands of people with FREE WILL let me cut their hearts out of their body?

It might be close to the same manipulation that gets me the power to sell some young and impressionable wanna-be soldier…on the glory and guts crypto-hero role that goes hand-in-hand bringing democracy and FREEDOM of religion to the sun-blasted lands of The Middle East.

This is the price of God…but only ONE price that is paid. And it’s the nitty-gritty of God’s Price that stares back at the horror of killing in The Name of Names. And yet, it is very clear from reading scripture that God has bargained dearly for the right to be the mortal’s God.

The pageant of death and conquest brought to The Holy Land by the arrival of the Jews in The Promised Land…was guaranteed by Jehová. And flipping over to the HINDU stylings…in the numerous stories of Arjuna—millions are slaughtered just to prove a point. Here is part of the tip of that point: Being with God often comes with a PRICE POINT that includes a lovely lot of slaughter.

click this ===> JOURNEY to The OTHER God Blog

NOW why am I dwelling on this red hued gore-fest posing as Love, Peace and So On? Is it because I am a real buzz-killer? OR am I trying to say that God is a killer? Well, it is obvious that God is the premier executioner sitting in the room at any-one-time.

Which is odd, because I have personally been given an inside peek at the reality of what could be described as a state or field or REALM of Infinite Unconditional Love. And it was a steady, unwavering reality—built into God…and God was built into “it.”

So…where did does the mayhem and bloodlust and slaughter enter into the cosmic reality? Are there other civilizations on other planets that have come and gone—AND became too sick with the addiction to murder to figure a way out of that box?

Because once you get that twist in the kink-jink, it’s all a self-fulfilling momentum taking on traction and torque…ratcheting-up the stakes and tension with each incident. I think what can happen is that an entire society can lapse into a madness that turns on itself…with each person so crazed with paranoia for fear of being the next victim…that it’s just BETTER to strike out, and KILL or be KILLED. Especially when you mix in the frothing, rabid hunger to have everyone look the same way, talk the same way, worship the same way…and so on.

You might not like the answer to the question: What is the Price of God?
===> LINK to Alternate Answer <===

The price you MUST pay…God’s price…what God will get you to pay…will be all the pretensions you have about anything to do with knowing God…being in dynamic, two-way, TELEPATHIC, thought-a-versation. You are going to be required by the fare-collector to pay the price to take the entire trip…from zero internal clear thought connection, all the way to full-on TELEPATHY…with God.

What price is there?
Well, sometimes your sanity. And you can alienate people…especially IF you start to prance around with your nose in the air, being extra-special-important…and God thinks to you, ‘cuz you’re just that much more evolved than the rest of the shuddering, scratching smelly mortals.

For me, the Price of God includes NOT striking out…NOT lashing out…and NOT being vengeful—even though my boiling-blood sings with rough battle, and no prisoners taken. That’s part of God’s price. But this is a price that when paid, pays for the price you just paid, PLUS a bonus of dividends…linked in direct proportion to where you are at on the sliding scale mounted firmly on the balance beam…of your entire inventory of each itchy and scratchy thought, feeling, impulse…from the most boring, mundane scab, to the most scintillating brilliance of upper-crust originality.

What counts is the FACT that some people have a much easier ride on the rollercoaster called LIFE—based on their birth lottery winnings. So for the lucky, the price of God is being grateful for having so many blessings and comforts, while many go without.

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The explanation about the price of God will continue later.

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What does God want of ME?

What they do not teach you in chruch


How to Find the Answer-What Does God Want of Me?

Robert Farmilo

BIG QUESTIONS, and the answers to “What does God want of me,” is probably a classic quest, and you might be here, wondering, “What does God think of me?” IF you’ve just come over from the other Blog, that’s super-fine-fantastic. You can take over where the divider is at. The part you missed is to be found right there, just like I told you. AND if’n you be curious about what BLOG =====> Click this teleportation link to BLOG

Okay, that’s done.
NOW stay with me here, ‘cuz at the beginning I might seem to NOT be on target with the keywords I am targeting for this article.

I am affected deeply by nothing much when it comes to the Modern Protestant Church being able to actively demonstrate widespread telepathy within the congregation.

I don’t mean the empathy-deep-feeling-intuition, including the sometimes gentle, sometimes firm NUDGING that The Holy Ghost can give you—-or your Spidey Senses are tingling…when you’re with someone, say at church, or at home…or on the job.

And you can see the pain in their faces, or the joy…and maybe just see something isn’t quite right for that person. Some burden or beast is getting a FREE RIDE…taking up the energy field—and shaping the future for what will be more of the same and worse off more each time.

The cycle of getting by…can get subsumed by fortune and chance—so it seems, sometimes. The choice to be poor, living from paycheque-to-paycheque, and staying stuck that way…compared to a big achiever, maybe someone who had to create a NEW PERSON from the broken, abused, poverty stricken, wretch—The Dregs of Society gave birth to this person. They went bad until that moment.

You know that moment.

Maybe you’ve heard about it somewhere.
Or read accounts of, “The Moment.”

—What follows NEXT is Pure Story Telling—

Perhaps you’ve taken the seminar—done the six week intensive of “Being The Moment.”

Survivors of the first legendary three seminars have a ongoing meeting to help those who are in and out of the alternate realms. The Survivors teach the Newcomers how to adapt to living in different realities at the same time.

The Survivors are an elite group of people who literally survived the first three seminars. Each of these “seminars” took place in a remote, ultra swanky, private resort…with it’s own little airport.

Each Seminar went on for SIX weeks. No one left the resort area. The Survivors have told me that they learned how to leave this particular version of physical reality, and then leave—yes, they would disappear from this world. Just like—that!—snap your fingers.

These survivors learned how to come back, too. And in one peace. Yes, I really did write that…EXACTLY that way: In One Peace.

And this is the answer to the question: “What does God want of me?”

God wants you to have two-way, conscious, clear, private, personal, TELEPATHIC communication—between you and God—

AND what God wants of you is for you to have this telepathy going on without you trying to force it, or make-believe.

Now—about The Survivors.
I want to OUT this before it gets out of hand. Do you believe me when I tell you about The Survivors? And the ultra-exclusive training—my conjecture that over half the original students died…or never came back…couldn’t get back.

Sometimes because they got lost, and couldn’t be found—even by The Teachers. Or they were found, sure enough—but the body was showing signs of being permanently vacated.


Imagine for a moment that I can ask God this question, in my mind, and then God tells me via direct telepathy, right into my thinking of thoughts—AND this is what God thought to me:

“Tell them I have spoken, like as of OLD, as you are a fan of the Old Testament, Christian, and like it in español, Santa Biblia. You are currently reading the Story of Ester. You are at the scene where Ha’man has just had the horca built—fifty cubits high. (That is near 23 metres, and over 74 feet tall.)

Now, for those of you who don’t know this story—or don’t remember—I AM is Merciful. This Ha’man was in good with The King. And Ha’man had made a deal with The King to pay over 10K of talents (a lot of do-ray-me) AND in exchange all The Dirty Jews in The Kingdom (and it WAS A BIG ONE) would be exterminated in every part of The HUGE Kingdom—and the slaughter would take place on the same hour of the same day throughout the ENTIRE, vast Kingdom.

And so The Dirty Jews fate was sealed.

For as I have said in ONE of MY Sacred Books, “These Jews can be a Stiff-Necked People.” They have sinned, repeatedly from the codex I gave back in The Day.

Now I knock on everyone’s door, day and night, begging to be let inside, and by FREE WILL, too. I entice and seduce and put up a good game…like, beautiful sunsets. And the mysteries of seeing a night sky strewn with my wonders…and see shooting stars…and Space Aliens…all the strange going-on’zs (did that on’zs purpose) —and the awe you feel when faced with the power of one of my epic thunder and lightning, I will HUMBLE you with momentary awareness of MY presence, even in your so-called physical reality.

What Does God Think of Me?
Well, for me—that translates as, “What do I think of you?”

The answer is that I AM thinking of you, right now, and especially as you are reading these particular words, that I have written EXACTLY for you to read…and come closer to me…let me whisper in your ear what I think of you. AND what does God think of you—is tied in precisely with this question that many humans are typing into Google God.

What Does God Want of Me?”

I want you to know me-very intimately. I want to be with you in all your thoughts. Let me in, so I can be with you. All you have to do is ask for what you want. Don’t let MY eagerness for Full Disclosure fool you into thinking that this can’t be real.

Let me let you in on a very TRUE part of your human awareness. It is this, “You can choose to ask The Holy Ghost, a.k.a. The Holy Spirit, and assign Holy Ghost-Spirit to do take care of it. But you MUST be specific about what you want, and it MUST be very brief. Reduce it to SEVEN to NINE words, maximum.

Hey! When I tell you something, the way to do it—KEEP firmly in the background MY music so you know that this is Tried, Tested and True. I’ve been in the business of being everywhere, all the time—so I know a thing or two about what technique will GET-IT-DONE.

I want you to know that What Does God Want of Me—this is a VERY powerful question to ask me. AND that is why I want you to start to really get hungry for being with me—AND what will be some of the benefits, to YOU.

For ME, it’s just gonna be so sweet to have you with me…just hanging out. Truly. And I NEVER Judge you for what you DO. And IF you let me, I am gonna give you some little hints, maybe especially IF you ask me, “What do YOU think I should do, God?”

That’s also a very powerful question to ask ME. Remember, I AM is one of My Names. And you can use this ANYTIME you want.

This name-and-sound RESONATES with power and purity. I AM is all about burning bushes. It is just the way it is…that when you intone this particular name-and-sound, I AM, and if you chant nice and easy…getting a bit quieter as you go…and get it nice and soft…and then let it become silent, and within you—be with I AM inside your awareness.

How long?

Good question. Just be with it for as long as you feel…could be three minutes…could be three hours…could be three days…could be three weeks. You get the idea.

For best results, use this name-and-sound combo pack throughout your BUSY DAY. When you think of it. Just give yourself a nice little vacation until your awareness is taken over by something else—like a customer asking for a hamburger, with cheese, fresh tomatoe, a slice of onion very thin, please—and your flax seed buns.

This is—what does God want of me?

Maybe you come to me with this tone of inquiry, and to ME it reeks of FEAR and humour. I think you are SCARED of what I really want of you.

I want you to embrace your spiritual birthright. You inhabit a space suit that I have designed for you. But you are NOT using MOST of the interior command centres that you can get to, quite easily.

But like learning how to ride a bike…or tie you shoes…or learn a language…or ANY of most of what you can now do…BUT like any of that—MOST of the time (NOT all of the time) YOU are gonna have to be taught, DIRECTLY by ME…how to do this stuff, and learn HOW TO GET IT DONE, and done REAL GOOD.

Notice how close the word GOOD and GOD come to be. That’s how close you get to me…to becoming me in behaviour, when you become GOOD…and when you do good.

That’s OBVIOUSLY one of the answers to the question you’ve asked of ME.

Just act NOW, human…and take this FREE OFFER from ME to you. From every sense that you experience, I AM coming to you…imploring you to notice ME.

To do this…it’s like anything else that you notice. You maybe see it blinking at you on your device screen…like that. OR maybe you notice something like when you’re absorbed in something, and then a very beautiful, sexy person walks by, and your eye is taken…somehow just took notice of that certain shape that alerts your immediate attention getting device that I’ve hard-wired into you.

But I can’t game the pooch. It has to be by your FREE WILL. Though, I’ve got to tell you—Full Disclosure—Sometimes I do rig the game. I will give a little incentive sometimes.

Hey, and if you’re getting mental messages, you better check that it is ME and NOT some other entity or personality or whatever—Space Aliens—You have got to do your due diligence. Put ME through your means test. Get ME to show you this is for real.

Ask me to prove MY deal is the real-deal. And then go and ahead and start doing the doing of whatever it is you want to get done. BUT here’s the thing…if’n what you want to do is AGAINST The Code, it will bring you suffering. Maybe not now, and I’ll even help you to do bad things to get what you want.

How do I help you do bad things? Sometimes I will use evil people for MY own purposes. I have told you this before, for example, in MY Sacred Book…there is a story when I tell you of a Bad Spirit who served me up in Heaven. AND this Bad Spirit volunteered to do a job for me…to deceive some False Prophets, and get a Bad King a Bad Ending.

I have sent slaughter upon many—and you know of the stories, like when on MY own—I have literally opened The Earth up, and swallowed tens of thousands of MY OWN People…and then closed The Earth up, nice and tight…as good as new, even better now that I was RID of those Stiff-Necked Sinners.

I think they’d complained about something or other, and it made ME quite MAD. I can tell you honestly that I can sometimes want you to have the wisdom to ask ME for wisdom. And this way you will come to ask me for something VERY wise, which is to have me give you The Discipline to BE WISE-Do Wise.

I will also give you Emotional Wisdom—BUT you MUST ask me for it. When you are asking me what I think you should do about something or other, try throwing in the question about what would be Emotionally Wise for what comes up into your awareness when you ask the question of ME.

See how that works?
Make sure you are noting the nuances of checking and counter checking that are all part of your personal responsibility that comes with The FREE WILL package.

You are going to meet the power of your own will, and because it is FREE, it does NOT cost you anything. There is no charge levied for your FULL use of this God-Given Power.

I want you to ask me to give you The Wisdom to USE your FREE WILL—wisely…with wisdom. Do-it-wisely, and sometimes that means doing nothing—saying nothing.

Time to hand this back over to The Translator. Remember, he does what I ask him to do, and writes MY words down as it comes to him through his particular filter—and it is to MY liking. He gets some of MY tone, and is okay with ME getting off the usual portrayal of what God thinks of ME, and What Does God Want of Me—and it is definitely true that there is a lot you are NOT getting taught at your church. But there is a lot that is good at your church. And good is getting really chummy with ME.

Just one letter away. So, what I want from you is for you to get rid of that one letter. Just throw it away, and not the letter “g” or “d”…just one of the “o’zs.” AND WE will make beautiful music together.

That’s it for now.

The Lord God,

The One and Only”

Total Disclaimer—What follows pretends to NOT be written by God.

Thus Sayeth God—and that’s where the text for this Editorial doth END. It was written directly by God. ALL the following is from the portal to the mortal realms.

What more can I say?

I do know that God is not shy about using inflammatory phrases to get some kind of action going with the people who get offended. God has often told me that, “I have a unique sense of humour. I made your world so that you could be as offended as you wanted to be. Hint-hint, it starts with the word FREE.”

I know that God does not intend to offend anyone in a serious way. If God wants to offend you in a serious way, I think you’d probably know, if’n and when’n.

You can take it from me, I’ve done a lot of different forms of training in my own life. I don’t know about you. And I also have had the ongoing evolution of me-me-me.

But when I got this teaching, and it is authentic—I have come to see how simple it is for pretty much anyone to start to do what God tells us to do, “Notice The Presence of ME.”

This can be simple to switch on, you know.

I think one of the hold-backs for many people of faith or of skepticism is that you might not be sure that what’s going on is nothing more than an active imagination.

From my point-of-view, your imagination is a powerful part of your free-will. Regular exercise of your imagination muscle will give you a much richer life.

AND it is a powerful tractor beam for what you are imaging, er, imagining. Part of this can be directly experienced for you…as a method of using your imagination by asking yourself the two-part question that started this article:

What does God want of me-What does God think of me?”

Use your imagination to imagine that God can answer your question directly in your mind, via telepathy.

After all this, all I can do is offer you a copy of the New Book That God Wrote. In this 40 chapter book, God will teach you directly how to have telepathic communication with God, and that’s just for starters.

If you could connect with real people who can tell you what their God Consciousness is like, for them, and what they’ve learned, and what God tells them in the privacy of their own minds—IF you could meet some people THAT crazy— would you be wanting that?

Maybe a few testimonials?

What they don't teach you at chruch

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What does God want of me-What does God think of me

Christian Meditation-Dangerous Meditationations

Christian Meditation-Dangerous Meditation?

Christian Meditation-How to Get Really Deep With Old School Traditional Christian Meditation

Is There a Tradition of Christian Meditation?

Robert Farmilo

The short answer is, “YES!”  There is a long, long tradition of Christian Meditation.

In 1999, my psychiatrist (at that time) gave me a copy of a book written by St. Isaac, one of the early Christian Fathers—from the Desert Tradition of early Christian monasticism.

It was a very big book, with the thin, filmy pages…and the print jammed in, with a lot of footnotes, and other notes, along with the text.

I read the entire book. It took me a couple of years to read that book. And it was a careful kind of reading, too. And I took notes.

And what do I remember from all that reading and note taking?

St. Isaac admonished his followers NOT to eat food that was fried…and to avoid meat and alcohol.

He was a real stickler for praying and fasting…AND not indulging in negative thoughts and feelings.

And he was really quite good with a phrase, and drew me in deep…closer to a style of faith and belief that is far away from most of the variants that pass for Modern Christianity—including all things Protestant.

It is in the monastic traditions of the Early Christian church that you will encounter the deep drop…far into the bowels of The Holy Spirit. And one of the direct methods used was the process of stilling the mind, and keeping that quietness and silence alive within the focus of prayer.

Link to Sayings of Early Christian Desert Fathers:

The use of a Christ based focus for the mind…for the awareness to stay tuned into the all-things-God frequency—is all part of where you are putting your attention, and a big part of WHY you’d even bother to try and meditate.

To be still and know that I AM God.


Christian Meditation has a cautionary feel about it—there are people in faith groups who don’t trust the process of meditation…because it smacks of other religions.

And there is enough obnoxious public relations about meditation coming from the Born-Again, Fundamentalist sects of so-called Christianity. And part of this is couched in a crying concern that you are going to be subject to dark forces who will gain entry into your soul while you are opening yourself up, and are vulnerable because you are meditating.

Maybe it’s time I defined what Christian Meditation is…and how I personally go about doing it—and teaching it to other people.

Meditation is not a process of contemplating the meaning of a word, or a saying. It is not a form of mind-control, or forcing the mind…or concentration.

Meditation is a direct link to the Kingdom of Heaven within. It is made up of moments when you know how much you don’t know, and the larger-than-large enormity of infinity takes a peek inside your petty concerns and has a good laugh.

Meditation is a traditional Christian way to get into “…the peace that passeth all understanding…”

Now, from my point-of-view…from my own direct, personal experience, this ununderstandable peace is like dropping through a trap-door, and falling deep…deep—and deeper still—leaving thoughts far behind, and it’s you, and yourself, falling deep…with the presence of something so…VAST…that you just don’t have words that can cope with the job of describing that which has no attributes.

But I’ll give it a try with this: It is infinity and the finite all mixed in and you can see it, and feel it, and the knowingness part is…well…stupidly beyond words.

Being aware of this infinite awareness that is conscious and is also unconditional love…wow…it’s a lot more than that, too. A big list, a long list—but those first few attributes are covering the BIG three. I might be able to discribe this as the coexistence of God, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

What’s really beautiful about all this…is how natural it is to be aware of how you and everything else is all that, too. And you can consciously meditate and go deep and full—and experience God Conscious awareness.

And whatever it is…it is NOT a thing or a person or a place or a time…or…well, anything.

For me, the best way to get you slightly inside this, is to tell you that when you practice Deep Christian Meditation…you are going to be diving deep inside the consciousness of Jesus Christ.



Christian Meditation-Dangerous Meditation


In my neck of the woods, some of the leading Protestant Clergy will put me in the New Age category—for example, here is another quote from another well established Authority Source within the Protestant movement of Christianity.

…YOGA UNCOILED : From East to West A look into the practice of Yoga in the Church. Many believe they can practice yoga postures, breathing, and focusing techniques devoid of yoga’s spirituality, not realizing that yoga is an inherent part of Hindu philosophy which teaches man and nature are one with divinity….”
—Caryl Matrisciana
===> Link to Yoga Uncoiled

What’s The Real Truth About Christian Meditation?

I know that you are looking for information about Christian Meditation. I teach Deep Christian Meditation. And the course outlines and teaching notes are all in writing, and you can have them, and you’ll see five basic uses of your awareness to be still and know that I AM God…and then, well, that’s where language ends.

My point-of-view?
When you go for the deep and full surrender to just being aware of awareness…and let the thoughts become less crowded. And maybe (if you’re lucky) more space will grow between each little cluster of thoughts…and that space between thoughts might start to stretch out a bit more. And then you just may catch sight of the fact that you are blessed to be with the Kingdom of Heaven Within.

As you continue to practice these five uses of your natural, God-given awareness-of-awareness…what can you expect?

An invasion of dark forces that subtly seduce you?

OR something entirely more in line with God’s Plan for you.

Listen up there, Pilgrim: I teach Deep Christian Meditation, and the first thing we do after saying hello and settling in?

The Lord’s Prayer. And the way we do it in the class is very interesting. It is NOT the way it is most often taught by the VAST majority of Protestant Clergy. Yet it is well received by even the most hide-bound Christian reactionary…IF they take part in the class.

The experience of being with The Lord’s Prayer, Christians who use this simple method that is taught in the Deep Christian Meditation course,

The experience of being with The Lord’s Prayer using this simple method will take you deep into what is called en Español, “…Manantial de aguas vivas…”

(The fountain of living waters.) Let me know if you can figure out the scripture that’s from.

See, as a Hard-Core, Fire Breathing Christian…I am here to write to you about why it is so vitally important to you and your family that you really take your faith seriously…and go all in. When you take the time to go very deep into prayer, you will be in a state of higher consciousness.

Now you might not agree with this, and if’n you’re a member of the Protestant Clergy’s current world-view concerning Dangerous Meditations, you might well exclaim to me, “What? No way. Not me…I don’t need to be a higher state of consciousness…because The Lord has taken care of all my spiritual teaching, and I meditate upon the word of The Lord, not your meaningless mumblings.”

Anyway, you can see that I am aware of how you can be made to be afraid of your natural, God-given gift to be spiritually powerful. There is an old saying, “Where the awareness goes, so goes the spirit.”

By focusing my awareness on one of the names of Jesus Christ…for example, Emmanuel…and this is using a word whose meaning is known. It can also be Immanuel. And both of these words contain powerful relationships for any human—to the meaning of these names within a name.

Deep Christian Meditation, EmmanuelEmmanuel is a name made of names. It is a powerful sound made up of sounds. And when you begin to chant this name of names, and let yourself experience each part of the sound of the name—and keep going…and then start to chant a bit more quietly. And every so often, every 30 seconds or so, chant a bit more quietly. And then when you are barely making any audible sound at all—that’s when you’re gonna switch over…and start to really go deep.

And what are you doing? Is this complicated? Are you really going to believe that while you focus on the Name of Names—The Son of God—you are going to be somehow abducted by Evil Forces?

Now, I get that you might be offended by this, and I understand very clearly the danger posed by meditation. BUT there are plenty of problems within the Protestant Church concerning the use of The Holy Spirit, and the various methods being taught to members of the Protestant Clergy…to elicit altered states of consciousness, what would be typically defined as Higher States of Consciousness—right in line with what any rational person would define as displays of self-delusion and even mass hysteria.

Such outbreaks of the purest revival now include the teaching I bring to the Ultra Conservative Christian who has a deep and abiding love for Jesus Christ. I know that what I am teaching into the Christian Church is of God.

One of the advantages of starting a sect of Christianity is you get to proclaim based upon your own current point-of-view. And since my own Church is convinced that prayer and meditation and healing and good-works and singing and chanting and love and joy and and and…

That’s what is so important for you to bring to yourself, your family…your world. And what is it you are to bring?

It is the wisest most wonderful of gifts that God ever gave you—it is your natural ability to telepathically connect with God.

Now before you start making the Sign of The Cross…don’t get nervous…and you can stop laughing, too.

Telepathy is a normal ability you have, just like speech…you know, the language you speak, and the various parts of your brain that you use to speak, and so on. And telepathy is a faculty you have, just like your natural ability to…speak.

But you need to learn how to speak. If you don’t learn how…you’re gonna make sounds. And those sounds will express feelings. But they won’t be able to tell me how to open a box or that you look really nice in that shade of blue.

So the same is true with telepathy. Everyone already knows how to send emotional energy at each other. Even if you can’t see a person. Hey, don’t get too snooty—this is all from scripture.

We are often run by our feelings…and what I teach are five simple uses of your awareness…and when you practice…you are going to get BIG benefits out there in the real world.

You are going to notice that you are more aware while you are awake. You will definitely have more clarity about what you are thinking, and feeling.

How does this happen?
I am glad you asked.
What happens is your practice of deliberately using your new found skill of being aware-of-awareness makes you more present in the present moment…you are with your thoughts as they are coming into your awareness, AND there is a lot less of being absorbed by your thoughts…and feelings.

What this means is that you can deliberately edit your own thinking as it arises, and switch from thoughts that are existentially confounding…and deliberately decide, for yourself, what you want to think.

And when I ask you this very simple question, take the time to really think about your answer…like maybe one entire second. And then give me the first thing that comes to your mind.

Okay, here is the question, and it is very deep and revealing, too: “What is it you want to think next?”

I have a list of focus questions that can really get you situated, and are super-great-fantastic at eliciting your personal EVOLUTION.

My own exhortation to you is to sin no more. And to take the meaning of this much aggrieved word—sin—as missing the mark. And so, I want you to know that I believe that if God really did make everything—then everything is God. And I think that SCIENCE continues to discover more and more about the subtle and gross realms of…God.

I think the name God is so laden with issues that disfigure and distort the relationships between name and form.

That is why I teach people how to use these Sacred Names of God…and to use them in a way that does NOT involve mood-making or inducing a trance.

What I teach gives people the ability to be VERY aware. And it teaches people how to be powerful spiritual healers, using their own God-given awareness-of-awareness. Using very simple methods revealed in scripture, anyone can become, “…Manantial de aguas vivas….” (The fountain of Living Waters.)God Consciousness, Deep Christian Meditation, fountain of living waters

My advice is to take advantage of the FREE offering to you…from me…AND come on over and take a lesson—you can do it anytime you want. The lessons are on video, and you can get the links from me at the end of the article…and maybe I’ll put something here, too.

There is a lot more to write about this subject of Christian Meditation. And I am teaching a series of classes throughout the churches of Jesus Christ. So if you want to get some of this beautiful knowledge, it’s easy to go online, anytime…and you can get me to your church, too.

All you gotta do is ask me.

My own creed is that you better bring your antidote because Jesus Christ said that you are a God. And He backed it up with scripture. So there it is. That’s my real-deal truth.

You ARE God. In fact He (Jesus) said, “…you are Gods…”

Now if’n you don’t believe in Jesus, and think it’s all a crock—I can sure relate. And when you think about it outside of the Faith Box, the basic premise of the Christian deal does come across as—well—delusional.

And all that baggage about miracles and sin and redemption, that’s all about making a brand, and making that brand stick around. And like all religions, it’s about power over and control of the people—dominating the masses of the great unwashed (and that’s most likely who you are).

The greatest gift you can give yourself is personal and private consultation with God. And what I do is offer you the chance to learn directly from God, exactly as God wrote it down. You get to learn at your own pace, and if you want to, have any questions or concerns answered.

The nice thing about the book that was written by God is how simple it is to find one teaching after another that you can use in the real-world. This is the training you’ve been looking for—practical, simple, doable, super-realistic (NO mood-making), result orientated AND immediately beneficial.

You’ll feel calm, relaxed, refreshed, and strangely buoyant. The classes bring that wonderful sense of hope, and reclaim the edge of the positive mindset—and maybe start to make inroads on being able to change your mind.

Imagine being able to choose what you think next. And stay focused? Come on over and start to seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven That Is Within.

And then…all else shall be added unto you. Do you know what scripture that’s from?

All the Best!
Robert Farmilo,
Admin, Translator,
TGCP=The God Consciousness Project

PS-What you need to do next is get the FREE book, dig in, and get the telepathy with God going on. It’s already going on…it’s just most of the time, most of you are NOT consciously aware, you can’t hear because you don’t know how to turn it on. And it is simple to do, and in the FIRST Chapter of the Book, you are going to learn directly from God…how to turn IT ON!

PPS—AND while you’re at it—get yourself some FREE hard-core DEEP CHRISTIAN MEDITATION
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PPPS—-Let me know what your answers are to all those questions I asked you.
=======> Contact Me

And the last word goes to St. Isaac, “Undistracted prayer is prayer which produces the continual thought of God in the soul.”

Positive Vibe Mindset

The Positive Vibe Mindset-Legacy Millennials-From FLAT BROKE to 6 Figures in 6 Months

Robert Farmilo
A.K.A. Swami Bob

The way I hit The Legacy Millennial solid gold mine? I was doing a search on Youtube, typing in, “Positive Vibe.” After a few videos I found this twenty-something white guy talking about the necessity to keep the internal vibe positive. And to NOT hang around people who complain all the time, or a lot of the time. (more…)

Books On God, Free Books On God

gc website, front page of newspaper, blurs and fake headlines, 02

Headline Reads,
“God Book Is Free For Everyone!”

This is what happened.
In the year 2009, a man heard God tell him that God was gonna ask him to write a book.
Okay, immediate alarm bells.

Not a voice coming from a burning toaster. Or anything like that.


He says that he has thought-versations with…The Mind of God.
“Two-way, telepathic communication with God. Private, personal. ”

I have read the book. And with all fairness, I followed the entire book. I did the exercises, and observances. And I was diligent. And the plain fact of the matter is, that until I had that first clear experience of telepathic communication with God—I’d never, not-ever be able to say it was just me thinking inside my own mind. You know, maybe fooling myself. I did have a wild imagination, you know. But I can’t remember ever trying to imagine a telepathic deal with…God.
Do you?

IF you do, leave me some parts of your story that you want to…any kind of style…video, audio, article, all three…send them on over, and I’ll put your content on this website.

The FREE Books on God, and the Books on God…really yours, really now.
YOU can buy the book
OR you can get the book for FREE!

When you get the book, you’re gonna have a chance to change more than you can ever imagine. This is the book that I found REAL heavenly solutions to situations that are impossible and implausible. As I get along in years, I’ve had a chance to embrace many spiritual solutions, and all the big themes of each self-actualization method that was the darling of the season. Yes, I did it all.
AND I was terrifying, too.
BECAUSE I had God. I mean, I HAD God…but God did not really have me.
I’d never really met God before.
NEVER in my own mind. Not with such forceful persistence.

The Point Is, “That this stuff really works. And it makes sense that it does work, too.”
—Swami Bob

It’s your turn to get your hands on real knowledge that will actually cement the relationship of your mind, heart and soul with the single purpose of frank and honest telepathic communication with God.

Seriously, what wouldn’t you give to know what it’s like, in human terms, as best as can be described, what it’s like for God to…be God. What is it like? Does God hear sounds? Does God smell smells? I am resisting making jokes about God…like Does God pick his nose? And then, “IS GOD A HE?”

What do you think? Tell me. Write it out, or video, or audio or all three.

So whatever your answer is—I don’t want any double-talk, and stupid word games. IF somebody tells me one more time that it is written in The Holy Bible, say King James version…something about how because it is written in that book, then it is the final word on the subject—I’m a bit touchy about this approach to truth.

That’s why when I read this book I had to put my sneering doubt-master in neutral, and let my mind take in the fact that I was taking what I was reading…seriously. I had to put the book down.
What I was starting to understand was NOT intellectual.

In this book that I read, the way I got results at all was by practicing the stuff I learned how to do while reading the book. But in bits and bites. Not at all trying to do it all in one sitting. I think my head would have exploded.

“This is the real-deal, and when you get into the book, you’ll get fired up by the single most powerful, creative and intelligent Personal Coach in All of Creation”
—Swami Bob

The simplest thing in the world is to read a book, or listen to a book, or watch a book…it’s not difficult to download the files, or get stuff from the website. There are a lot of options, and some special extras, too. IF you want to, you can listen and watch the entire book. And there are special videos with some training from the book.

Here is What to Do Next
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