Christian Meditation-Dangerous Meditationations

Christian Meditation-Dangerous Meditation?

Christian Meditation—How to Get Really Deep With Old School Traditional Christian Meditation

Is There a Tradition of Christian Meditation?

Robert Farmilo
(Up Dated 2017-08-19)

The short answer is, “YES!”  There is a long, long tradition of Christian Meditation.

In 1999, a psychiatrist I know gave me a copy of a book written by St. Isaac, one of the early Christian Fathers—from the Desert Tradition of early Christian monasticism.

It was a very big book, with the thin, filmy pages…and the print jammed in, with a lot of footnotes, and other notes, along with the text.

I read the entire book. It took me a couple of years to read that book. And it was a careful kind of reading, too. And I took notes.

And what do I remember from all that reading and note taking?

St. Isaac admonished his followers NOT to eat food that was fried…and to avoid meat and alcohol.

He was a real stickler for praying and fasting…AND not indulging in negative thoughts and feelings.

And he was really quite good with a phrase, and drew me in deep…closer to a style of faith and belief that is far away from most of the variants that pass for Modern Christianity—including all things Protestant.

It is in the monastic traditions of the Early Christian church that you will encounter the deep drop…far into the bowels of The Holy Spirit. And one of the direct methods used was the process of stilling the mind, and keeping that quietness and silence alive within the focus of prayer.

Link to Sayings of Early Christian Desert Fathers:

The use of a Christ based focus for the mind…for the awareness to stay tuned into the all-things-God frequency—is all part of where you are putting your attention, and a big part of WHY you’d even bother to try and meditate.

To be still and know that I AM God.


Christian Meditation has a cautionary feel about it—there are people in faith groups who don’t trust the process of meditation…because it smacks of other religions.

And there is enough obnoxious public relations about meditation coming from the Born-Again, Fundamentalist sects of so-called Christianity. And part of this is couched in a crying concern that you are going to be subject to dark forces who will gain entry into your soul while you are opening yourself up, and are vulnerable because you are meditating.

Maybe it’s time I defined what Christian Meditation is…and how I personally go about doing it—and teaching it to other people.

Meditation is not a process of contemplating the meaning of a word, or a saying. It is not a form of mind-control, or forcing the mind…or concentration.

Meditation is a direct link to the Kingdom of Heaven within. It is made up of moments when you know how much you don’t know, and the larger-than-large enormity of infinity takes a peek inside your petty concerns and has a good laugh.

Meditation is a traditional Christian way to get into “…the peace that passeth all understanding…”

Now, from my point-of-view…from my own direct, personal experience, this ununderstandable peace is like dropping through a trap-door, and falling deep…deep—and deeper still—leaving thoughts far behind, and it’s you, and yourself, falling deep…with the presence of something so…VAST…that you just don’t have words that can cope with the job of describing that which has no attributes.

But I’ll give it a try with this: It is infinity and the finite all mixed in and you can see it, and feel it, and the knowingness part is…well…stupidly beyond words.

Being aware of this infinite awareness that is conscious and is also unconditional love…wow…it’s a lot more than that, too. A big list, a long list—but those first few attributes are covering the BIG three. I might be able to discribe this as the coexistence of God, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

What’s really beautiful about all this…is how natural it is to be aware of how you and everything else is all that, too. And you can consciously meditate and go deep and full—and experience God Conscious awareness.

And whatever it is…it is NOT a thing or a person or a place or a time…or…well, anything.

For me, the best way to get you slightly inside this, is to tell you that when you practice Deep Christian Meditation…you are going to be diving deep inside the consciousness of Jesus Christ.



Christian Meditation-Dangerous Meditation


In my neck of the woods, some of the leading Protestant Clergy will put me in the New Age category—for example, here is another quote from another well established Authority Source within the Protestant movement of Christianity.

…YOGA UNCOILED : From East to West A look into the practice of Yoga in the Church. Many believe they can practice yoga postures, breathing, and focusing techniques devoid of yoga’s spirituality, not realizing that yoga is an inherent part of Hindu philosophy which teaches man and nature are one with divinity….”
—Caryl Matrisciana
► Link to Yoga Uncoiled

What’s The Real Truth About Christian Meditation?

I know that you are looking for information about Christian Meditation. I teach Deep Christian Meditation. And the course outlines and teaching notes are all in writing, and you can have them, and you’ll see five basic uses of your awareness to be still and know that I AM God…and then, well, that’s where language ends.

My point-of-view?
When you go for the deep and full surrender to just being aware of awareness…and let the thoughts become less crowded. And maybe (if you’re lucky) more space will grow between each little cluster of thoughts…and that space between thoughts might start to stretch out a bit more. And then you just may catch sight of the fact that you are blessed to be with the Kingdom of Heaven Within.

As you continue to practice these five uses of your natural, God-given awareness-of-awareness…what can you expect?

An invasion of dark forces that subtly seduce you?

OR something entirely more in line with God’s Plan for you.

Listen up there, Pilgrim: I teach Deep Christian Meditation, and the first thing we do after saying hello and settling in?

The Lord’s Prayer. And the way we do it in the class is very interesting. It is NOT the way it is most often taught by the VAST majority of Protestant Clergy. Yet it is well received by even the most hide-bound Christian reactionary…IF they take part in the class.

The experience of being with The Lord’s Prayer, Christians who use this simple method that is taught in the Deep Christian Meditation course,

The experience of being with The Lord’s Prayer using this simple method will take you deep into what is called en Español, “…Manantial de aguas vivas…”

(The fountain of living waters.) Let me know if you can figure out the scripture that’s from.

See, as a Hard-Core, Fire Breathing Christian…I am here to write to you about why it is so vitally important to you and your family that you really take your faith seriously…and go all in. When you take the time to go very deep into prayer, you will be in a state of higher consciousness.

Now you might not agree with this, and if’n you’re a member of the Protestant Clergy’s current world-view concerning Dangerous Meditations, you might well exclaim to me, “What? No way. Not me…I don’t need to be a higher state of consciousness…because The Lord has taken care of all my spiritual teaching, and I meditate upon the word of The Lord, not your meaningless mumblings.”

Anyway, you can see that I am aware of how you can be made to be afraid of your natural, God-given gift to be spiritually powerful. There is an old saying, “Where the awareness goes, so goes the spirit.”

By focusing my awareness on one of the names of Jesus Christ…for example, Emmanuel…and this is using a word whose meaning is known. It can also be Immanuel. And both of these words contain powerful relationships for any human—to the meaning of these names within a name.

Deep Christian Meditation, EmmanuelEmmanuel is a name made of names. It is a powerful sound made up of sounds. And when you begin to chant this name of names, and let yourself experience each part of the sound of the name—and keep going…and then start to chant a bit more quietly. And every so often, every 30 seconds or so, chant a bit more quietly. And then when you are barely making any audible sound at all—that’s when you’re gonna switch over…and start to really go deep.

And what are you doing? Is this complicated? Are you really going to believe that while you focus on the Name of Names—The Son of God—you are going to be somehow abducted by Evil Forces?

Now, I get that you might be offended by this, and I understand very clearly the danger posed by meditation. BUT there are plenty of problems within the Protestant Church concerning the use of The Holy Spirit, and the various methods being taught to members of the Protestant Clergy…to elicit altered states of consciousness, what would be typically defined as Higher States of Consciousness—right in line with what any rational person would define as displays of self-delusion and even mass hysteria.

Such outbreaks of the purest revival now include the teaching I bring to the Ultra Conservative Christian who has a deep and abiding love for Jesus Christ. I know that what I am teaching into the Christian Church is of God.

One of the advantages of starting a sect of Christianity is you get to proclaim based upon your own current point-of-view. And since my own Church is convinced that prayer and meditation and healing and good-works and singing and chanting and love and joy and and and…

That’s what is so important for you to bring to yourself, your family…your world. And what is it you are to bring?

It is the wisest most wonderful of gifts that God ever gave you—it is your natural ability to telepathically connect with God.

Now before you start making the Sign of The Cross…don’t get nervous…and you can stop laughing, too.

Telepathy is a normal ability you have, just like speech.

Speech is a learned skill…you know, the language you speak, and the various parts of your brain that you use to speak, and so on. And telepathy is a faculty you have, just like your natural ability to…speak.

But you need to learn how to speak. If you don’t learn how…you’re gonna make sounds. And those sounds will express feelings. But they won’t be able to tell me how to open a box or that you look really nice in that shade of blue.

So the same is true with telepathy. Everyone already knows how to send emotional energy at each other. Even if you can’t see a person. Hey, don’t get too snooty—this is all from scripture.

We are often run by our feelings…and what I teach are five simple uses of your awareness…and when you practice…you are going to get BIG benefits out there in the real world.

You are going to notice that you are more aware while you are awake. You will definitely have more clarity about what you are thinking, and feeling.

How does this happen?
I am glad you asked.
What happens is your practice of deliberately using your new found skill of being aware-of-awareness makes you more present in the present moment…you are with your thoughts as they are coming into your awareness, AND there is a lot less of being absorbed by your thoughts…and feelings.

What this means is that you can deliberately edit your own thinking as it arises, and switch from thoughts that are existentially confounding…and deliberately decide, for yourself, what you want to think.

And when I ask you this very simple question, take the time to really think about your answer…like maybe one entire second. And then give me the first thing that comes to your mind.

Okay, here is the question, and it is very deep and revealing, too: “What is it you want to think next?”

I have a list of focus questions that can really get you situated, and are super-great-fantastic at eliciting your personal EVOLUTION.

My own exhortation to you is to sin no more. And to take the meaning of this much aggrieved word—sin—as missing the mark. And so, I want you to know that I believe that if God really did make everything—then everything is God. And I think that SCIENCE continues to discover more and more about the subtle and gross realms of…God.

I think the name God is so laden with issues for many people…that disfigure and distort the relationships between the name and the form. When you ask people what they think and feel about the word “God,” you are going to receive the relative relationship each person has with the idea of…God.

That is why we teach people how to use these Sacred Names of God…and to use them in a way that does NOT involve mood-making or inducing a trance.

What I teach gives people the ability to be VERY aware. And it teaches people how to be powerful spiritual healers, using their own God-given awareness-of-awareness. Using very simple methods revealed in scripture, anyone can become, “…Manantial de aguas vivas….” (The fountain of Living Waters.)God Consciousness, Deep Christian Meditation, fountain of living waters

My advice is to take advantage of the FREE offering to you…from me…AND come on over and take a lesson—you can do it anytime you want. The lessons are on video, and you can get the links from me at the end of the article…and maybe I’ll put something here, too.

There is a lot more to write about this subject of Christian Meditation. And I am teaching a series of classes throughout the churches of Jesus Christ. So if you want to get some of this beautiful knowledge, it’s easy to go online, anytime…and you can get me to your church, too.

All you gotta do is ask me.

My own creed is that you better bring your antidote because Jesus Christ said that you are a God. And He backed it up with scripture. So there it is. That’s my real-deal truth.

You ARE God. In fact He (Jesus) said, “…you are Gods…”

Now if’n you don’t believe in Jesus, and think it’s all a crock—I can sure relate. And when you think about it outside of the Faith Box, the basic premise of the Christian deal does come across as—well—delusional.

And all that baggage about miracles and sin and redemption, that’s all about making a brand, and making that brand stick around. And like all religions, it’s about power over and control of the people—dominating the masses of the great unwashed (and that’s most likely who you are).

The greatest gift you can give yourself is personal and private consultation with God. And what I do is offer you the chance to learn directly from God, exactly as God wrote it down. You get to learn at your own pace, and if you want to, have any questions or concerns answered.




The nice thing about the book that was written by God is how simple it is to find one teaching after another that you can use in the real-world. This is the training you’ve been looking for—practical, simple, doable, super-realistic (NO mood-making), result orientated AND immediately beneficial.


You’ll feel calm, relaxed, refreshed, and strangely buoyant. The classes bring that wonderful sense of hope, and reclaim the edge of the positive mindset—and maybe start to make inroads on being able to change your mind.

Imagine being able to choose what you think next. And stay focused? Come on over and start to seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven That Is Within.

And then…all else shall be added unto you. Do you know what scripture that’s from?

All the Best!
Robert Farmilo
Admin, Translator,
TGCP=The God Consciousness Project

PS-What you need to do next is get the FREE book, dig in, and get the telepathy with God going on. It’s already going on…it’s just most of the time, most of you are NOT consciously aware, you can’t hear because you don’t know how to turn it on. And it is simple to do, and in the FIRST Chapter of the Book, you are going to learn directly from God…how to turn IT ON!

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And the last word goes to St. Isaac, “Undistracted prayer is prayer which produces the continual thought of God in the soul.”


Robert Farmilo is the translator of The God Consciousness Project. He was personally trained by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Robert began meditating in 1971. He started his Teacher Training in 1972. He was made a student teacher by Maharishi in 1974. In 1975, Maharishi made Robert a full adult teacher. In 1978, Robert completed the Siddhi training and was made an Executive Governor of the Age of Enlightenment. Robert continued working with the TM movement until 1984. Robert began training in martial arts in 1965. He continued this training and began teaching various methods, including an obscure system: Tai Ji Qi. He is currently the official world-wide Master Teacher of Tai Ji Qi. He is also teaching Deep Meditation, Skills of Vital Energy, Esoteric Clairvoyance, Deep Christian Meditation, Healing Energy, and helps people with a wide variety of personal challenges. Robert is a keen online marketing personality, and is the author of books, both fiction and non-fiction. He produces videos and posts on Youtube. Robert is a rabid fan of Spanish and loves to learn this most fascinating language. He is a practicing musician, and has recorded a number of albums. He is a vocal artist, and visual artist. The list goes on. What are we leaving out? Plenty! Contact Robert via this website. He is ready to help you.