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We include videos curated from the vast online library.
We feature our own, hand-crafted videos for you.
OUR videos give you the inner secret training exclusive
to our guests.
YOU are going to get exact prompts to give you immediate results
with OUR
Skills of Vital Life Force Energy.
Super Power Breathing
Invocation of Sacred Sounds
Resonance Chant
AND very, very important—each lesson builds on the first lesson.
ALL the skills are scaled.
NEXT, you should know—IF you have a question, PLEASE…just ask.

You will get access to the tradition of training that is primordial.
We are all very lucky to be here, now. And you, one of many that 
make up “WE,” get the direct, most powerful, elegant of ALL the ways to permanently CHANGE the guts, heart and soul of world consciousness.

This training gets you intimate teaching, 
designed exactly to teach you by direct experience.
THERE IS NO OTHER WAY to know deep meditation.

You cannot just read instructions. You cannot just listen to instructions.
IF you are really serious, make a dedicated time budget for your practice session.
TREAT this with the powerful sense of knowing that you will get
results—useful AND impressive—BUT only if you practice regularly,
over a long enough period of time.

Infrequent practice will produce infrequent results. But they can be spectacular.

We highly encourage you to practice when you can—when you want to. On your terms,
when you need to or not. 

There are plenty of videos.
Contact us with ANY questions.
AND make as many comments as you want. 

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