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This all started in 2009.
Before the book was written, the translator of the book began to get these promptings from…God.
Who is the translator?
Robert Farmilo.
That’s me.

What happened is that I was minding my own business, having fun and making money.
And it was the year 2009. Sometime in the middle of winter.
Winter in Ottawa, Canada.Snow, ice, cold.
So…I start to get this internal message, I’d have to call it a prompting.

Man, is it ever awkward writing about this.
Because it just sounds so much like I am a right wanker.

Yeah, so it was God calling.
Calling me…on the Cosmic Telepathone.
Asking ME to take on a special project.
What? You’ve got to be kidding.
You want me to do…what?

God said, “I want you to help me. Will you help me?”


“I want you to help me write a book. I will tell you what to write, word-for-word, and you will write it all down. I will dictate the entire book to you. Will you do that for me?”

Geez, that is so awkward to say.
Because you know how koo-koo it sounds?
“God told me to write this book.”

But wait a moment.
Let’s add some more silly sauce to this dish.
Put in this next bit, “…and God told me to say that it was God who was writing the book…not me.”

Yeah, that helps, doesn’t it?
Yeah, that really clarifies the Boo-Boo Butter.
And let’s add one more little trifling detail.
“God also told me to put God as the author, and to write the name God this way: ‘god.'”

Oh, you read it right.
Lower case on the first letter of the name, “God.”

So the book was written, starting in September of 2009. And by the middle of January, 2010, the book was completed. 40 chapters of content.
All of it allegedly written by God…er, god.

The translator of the book is a guy called Robert Farmilo.
(That’s me.)
He has a long background with CRAZY.
Though he’s never been hospitalized for being a mental case.
And he claims that he doesn’t hear voices.

No. He doesn’t hear voices.
He has “thought-versations” with God.
Robert claims that God thinks directly into his mind (into Robert’s mind.)
And that he (Robert) can answer back with thought, and that God answers that, too.

Then he uses a really scary word. A word that should be banned.
TELEPATHY. That’s the word…that word.
T E L E P A T H I C.
Tricky stuff, for sure. Robert says, “You can have clear, two-way, telepathic communication with God — and it will be private and personal.”

He also goes further and says that you don’t have to believe or have faith or belong to a church, temple, priest, guru.

The entire purpose of The God Consciousness Project is to bring to you every conceivable angle of anything to do remotely with your awareness, ability, potential, consciousness, state of being…in the light of almost any subject or niche you can ever encounter.

And all of that spun in the goo of God Spin.

The primary and driving idea is for you to get your hands on the specific teachings — directly from God — on how to have rampant and robust integration of God Consciousness. Yeah.
What the bleep does that mean?

That’s what the book is for. You read it, or listen to it, and you get the content designed by God…to drill deep into your awareness and implant the divine madness — the realization that you are God, and God is you…and that all this is God, and all that is God. IT’s all God, even when it doesn’t seem to be.

You bet!

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