Only One Real Reason

Because it’s gonna be you,
—YOUR Inner Mystic—God Consciousness Book Project

You can take as much or as little as you want.
The basic idea is that YOU are God—
—and God is YOU.

Maybe you’re all the way in, and have been deep into God Consciousness—for years. And maybe it’s koo-koo to you. When I hear about it, my Crazy Meter goes off the scale. How about you?

Only one hitch—this stuff actually works. IF you read the book (written by God) and get into the simple little ways—
And all the FREE and transparent behind the scenes—no pretending to be the All Knowing…
—All the people who are using the book to find, “At last, some straight-forward, How-To, from…gulp….”


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One of the GREAT THINGS about writing words out into cyber space…is you. The mysterious other…the other from another who is linked somehow by this FABULOUS show of the parade of days. And in your own fragile and mortal form, unless the anvil of fate falls and squishes you but good…let’s say the current gluttonous glump-glump-glump gorging goes on…long enough to get you—hmmm, you might be 30, or 40…just for an example…so—everything being great and wonderful in 40 years from NOW…then you’re gonna maybe die when you’re 8o something, and it will be hunky-dory.

I strongly urge you to take an OLD TESTAMENT view of the money you earn.
Put aside something from every season for the next. And put aside some for the lean and even famine time.
And give one in ten to you in the future—and do this with rigorous discipline.
Every dollar you earn, take one thin dime and put it in your piggy bank, and don’t spend it. EVER.

You start that now, Johnny and Joanny. IT is NEVER too late to start the dedicated DISCIPLINE of savings that you NEVER spend, EVER.

You wisely invest your growing fund. You invest ONLY in proven dividend paying stocks.
Stay away from buying a residence that does NOT somehow permit you to rent out rooms.
The BEST YET? Get a place that already has built in rental income apartments or separate entrance suites.
JEHEESH Maresh! Use your over active imagination. Could be a nice piece of land that you turn into a camp ground.

BUT best if you just keep your mind on the pure truth of the POWER that you will begin to gather as the years roll by—and roll they will, Pilgrim. THE POWER is the growing income exponential factor as compounding starts to annihilate reality. And the more you stick to the discipline, the more quietly sure you are of yourself.

WHY? Because it isn’t FREE-KING easy to stick to the initial revelation chain, because next comes “the moment” of seeing that there is a different way from whatever it is that was out of order somehow—AND you see the choice involved, yeah…MAYBE it seems way too hard and stern a choice.

AND NEXT or at the sametime…comes The Decision.
You may notice that it comes in strong. Some say it arrives, inside…quiet but like somebody you’ve NEVER met before—The New You.

NEXT comes action. Now you know that you are fully engaged, you can’t HELP yourself. You MUST take positive action. Usually for you to survive this explosion of Revelation—Inspiration—Choice—Decision—Action—applied consistently—YOU are going to apply a lot of positive affirmations and seek out the best vibes you can to apply to what you are going to ABSOLUTELY have.


Without this NEXT ingredient, you might as well roll over and go back to sleep. Forget your great idea.

Will power.
A lot of Will POWER.

OH-OH, keep in mind that this is NOT God writing to you. IT’s a mortal human being.
So this is strictly off the record. I am NOT suggesting that I write for YOUR God—here on this website page.

So the mystery is who are you? That’s the part that ALL ways gets me wondering…who are you?
The eyes taking this in, what do they look like? Are you telepathic?

Have you ever been tested?

I write on this website to get people to get the book. That’s what’s going on. And also to get people to give money to the project. Which really means give me money. What else?

There are some really clear messages delivered with lively diction, and you can get them and watch and listen to the book, and an entire EXCLUSIVE package of step-by-step
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My personal guarantee? Yes, when you complete lesson one, you will notice a very nice difference in the way you’ll feel in body, mind and spirit. And it will be relatively easy to follow and understand each and every part of the lesson.
NOW that’s a nice guarantee.

What’s even more crazily amazing?
The COURSES are yours for FREE.

And the CRAZY blog with hundreds of pages of buried treasure ===> God Consciousness Book Blogspot

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