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The Positive Vibe Mindset-Legacy Millennials-From FLAT BROKE to 6 Figures in 6 Months

Robert Farmilo
A.K.A. Swami Bob

The way I hit The Legacy Millennial solid gold mine? I was doing a search on Youtube, typing in, “Positive Vibe.” After a few videos I found this twenty-something white guy talking about the necessity to keep the internal vibe positive. And to NOT hang around people who complain all the time, or a lot of the time.And to start deliberately altering your own MINDSET—and take personal responsibility for the circumstances of your life. First take away for me was the emphatic way I was told to start getting into a Positive Vibe Mindset.

And the attention grabber? The title of the video I settled in to watch, “From flat broke to 6 Figures in 6 Months.”

Part of this process includes a rather stern self-assessment as to your GREATEST WEAKNESSES. By a candid and frank taking of your own inventory, you come to understand better the challenge at hand is all in YOUR MIND. From my point of view, this means that, “…it’s all in your consciousness.” Your state of mind=your state of consciousness. What the dynamic Legacy Millennials are doing with the RICH-WEALTH-PROSPERITY tradition…turns the whole thing upside down, give it all a good shake…twist it up, and go surfing. Where ever they want. And it’s all first-class.

Part of the Legacy Millennial thing is the obvious regal splendor they have come to quickly acquire by MAKING A LOT of $$$

PLUS fashion…and the add-on’s, like the little signs of money spent on nice personal adornment, style and class statements, and each little bit of watch or smart device or pen or ring or belt or shoes…it’s all top gear—dividing the ones in the room with the excessive cash from the pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque crowd of the bowed-and-cowed. But even in that herd of fools who labour for minimum wage at 3 jobs just to get enough hours to pay for the poverty life style—meanwhile, the ultra wealth of the upper classes seem so…far away, out-of-reach—a desperate dream, usually mocked and laughed at or somehow NOT viewed as practical…or convenient. Like you stand up and say to your crowd, “I am going to become a billionaire.” And you are dead serious. Deep inside, you mean it. Billionaire or dead. But you can imagine the reaction from your crowd.

Positive Vibe Mindset, legacy millennials, from flat broke to 6 figures in 6 months


It’s a bit like if I said to my crowd, “I hereby solemnly declare that I will now make a castle of pure gold appear on that mountain top.” Or as if I walked in to my boss’s office and proudly pronounced, “I am now your boss. And my first order is, ‘You’re FIRED!'”

Gravity is here for a reason…it helps you make money. Without gravity, you wouldn’t be able to do most of the things you take for granted, like exist as a human life form on this planet. And gravity is powerful. You can fight gravity, or you can come to find out how to agree with gravity. It’s like poverty life style is behavioural, and can be changed into a rich life style. You can change what you do. The way you use your time. And the way you feel about your reason for doing what you’re doing—what is it you are going to do to with your time, the specific actions you are going to do—

This is something the Legacy Millennials talk about.

Turns out they are deep into the wealth and prosperity tradition, including the classic texts, like, “Think and Grow Rich,” all leading to the current wide acceptance of The Law of Attraction. I call this The VORTEXIAN mind-set. The beautiful Positive Vibe Mindset.

Now, I can be a buzz-killer at times, a real matador de la fiesta. Even so—it remains to be seen what impact the Legacy Crew will have as the coming INEVITABLE moment, when the waiter brings you the bill. And you’re finally FLAT BROKE. That’s it. No more cash.

See, what’s going on is Mother Nature is busy writing up the bill—and you’ve been running up an open tab for a good run.

And the few cornered the best for themselves, and squeezed the rest for as much more as they could get out of ’em. So the rich had a better ride on the backs of you…while you rode on any back you could subvervient—and so it goes.
The idea of being able to NO LONGER be only having a few dollars, at most…that you can spend anyway you want to…without cutting something else that you really do need…for basic survival—this idea can seem so far-away and implausibly impossible. It takes real self-will to think yourself out of thinking and FEELING that there is NO way out of the box of poverty and near-poverty.

Can I write candidly to you?
Do you live mostly paycheque-to-paycheque? IF you’re clear about it. Let’s leave out the credit cards, and maybe the line-of-credit. If you’ve got that going on. And if you add up all your Earthly possessions, and add up all your money debts…how does all that stack-up? Are you rich? Do you own far more than you owe? And if you sold it all tomorrow, and pay all your debts, will you still be rich? Let me know. I will give you as much money as possible.

What these twenty-something millionaires and billionaires have done is to shift their thinking…what they call your MINDSET. And some of them are making a fortune out of teaching other millennials how to get it going on.

Some of them talk about how important it is to change the people you associate with…you have to stop being around negative people—people who complain all the time being on that list. The way it’s happened, these young people in their twenties have come along and taken all the VORTEXIAN traditions to heart, and took control of their own lives. They use the term mindset with great seriousness. And the word LEGACY, too.

HerPositive Vibe Mindset, Legacy Millennials, Flat Broke to 6 Figures in 6 Months

As you get into the material these guys are slinging, you’re gonna go be taken into the precise little details that take you out of the MINDSET you have about the reality of your current financial horror story. There is a nice little saying that Peter Voogt makes, “…Most people spend the first half of their lives saying they are too young—and the second half saying they’re too old…” And he is talking about shifting out of being FLAT BROKE to really rich.

And part of the way this is going to happen, and stay happening…is when you switch over to the deliberate focus on your own Positive Vibe Mindset.

Positive Vibe Mindset, legacy millennials, peter voogd

Now, what’s God got to do with all this?

The word mindset comes up a lot when I listen to the videos. Personally, I was inspired by the way these champions of self-actualization talk about literally changing your mind, using titles like, “Game Changer.” These guys are just digging it…and into it. They are riding a momentum, and they want to keep it going…’cuz once you’ve got some traction, and get some momentum…you don’t want to be stopping, right? You want to keep it going, and make it even better.

Guys like Lewis Howes who are making stuff and selling stuff that they make, and then making deals with other guys who are making stuff and selling stuff. Out there hustling…and using this deep-deep-deep positive vibe, Vortexian approach…to stay super focused.

The basic premise is that you need help to blast off from Planet Zero Cash…and learn how to make a lot of money—and that most of that trip is gonna be in the way you think and feel about what you’re gonna do to lift off from Planet Poverty. That gravitational pull is mighty strong, and it’s gonna take an act of sheer will power to stay on course once you decide to…do this thing.

There are so many pleasant and comfortable distractions…and the old sayings of the pre-Vortexian tradition come to mind…like, “When your YES to success is bigger than your NO…” That’s when you turn the television off, and get on the telephone and make those calls to those prospects, and start making those appointments.

You wake up with the taste of wealth in your mouth—you just know that you are going to do this—maybe you don’t know how yet…or even who can ever help you become a billionaire—but somehow you’re gonna figure it out. And you’re now on sheer will power. You’ve taken a look deep into your own eyes, and you can see, really clearly, “…IF it’s gonna be, it’s up to me…”

And now, this is when you can start to talk about what God’s got to do with “it,” and the Positive Vibe Mindset.

You can ask God to help you.
And if you already hearing God speak to you inside your own thoughts…and have a thing going on with Spirit, and Intuition…and all that Guidance going on…well, then you can get busy, and ask for help with the actually getting off your keister and doing the dance of the DEEDS not WORDS…and…getting…it…done.

And what is it you’re gonna do if you don’t have the inner God, telepathic relationship with yourself?
Ask for it. Read the way to ask. So simple. You can listen to the exact instructions at this link:


And when you are done soaking up the very simple instructions, I have a link here for you from a blog I found while researching this article ===> The 7-Day Thinking Positive Challenge



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