how to pray to God, chanting AMEN

What IS Resonance With GOD?

(UPDATED ON 2017-08-12)

R. Hard
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Sympathetic Vibrations can be VERY powerful.

Remember the film clip of the suspension bridge rigging starting to resonate-in this case the bridge began to sway and dance.

This was because of the wind causing a specific frequency to resonate—first in the rigging, and then that let loose the POWER…just enough for an effect to start to be caused.

In this case, the cause and effect was mighty and impressive. Take a look.

Here is a link to some video of the dancing bridge:

So, what does this have to do with you and the searing, raw POWER of prayer?

And thus you are defined by how far you are prepared to go—within the pure devotion you have to an ideal of spiritual perfection embodied by direct and intimate being.


The “being” in this case is your own state of being. Like, being you. The being you are. The way you have of being you. And the deeper being of being you. 


You are allowed to do what you want with what you have, and it really is up to you what you do with all the stuff that is around you. With a little bit of attention to detail, and some careful summoning of The POWER of purest intent—YOU can do some amazing things, including piercing the very heart of your prayer.


Because you are applying the Great Power Of Job’s Prayer. He says it like it is, as he feels it, and it is a very long prayer. The main part of this prayer gets going AFTER he’s been sitting with some buddies (for at least seven days and seven nights) in the local dump. In the ashes. Covered in Satan’s little treat—oh, by way of God, too.

Yeah, this all went down because God decided to do it. God could have done something else, but God didn’t. He chose to give Satan permission to afflict Job.

Satan goes for giving Job the hardest tests., and gives Job the most basic reductions—Not once but twice. Job is made to suffer via the loss of that which he loves. And so you can read the entire story yourself. But the lesson of this long prayer is entire, and magnificent. That’s why it is in this particular set of scriptures (The Prayer of Job.)

Now, you may be wondering if you believe in Satan, and for that matter, if you believe in this particular God of the Prayer of Job. When you think it through, do you want a God who consorts with Satan? And makes deals to test YOUR uprightness?

Well, whether or not you don’t like it, or you think man is born into sin, and maybe you think that’s the central heart of the Pure and True Christian—and you can sincerely confess the life of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord…AND all of that has meaning for you…
…some people think that all this stuff is CRAZY.


And the entire and complete Protestant Christian Establishment, including the Evangelical Church, and all manner of Pure Protestant Christianity…ARE THEY ALL JUST DELUDED?

And then there are all the Catholics.

Are they all koo-koo? With all the variants and degrees of ultra purity.

Yes, then there are all of the imposters and frauds hiding behind the pulpit and the Holy Bible.

I think there lurks a pure truth inside all of this…that many seekers find, and it is the fountain of life.

So is it worth it? Yes, the physical realities of the churches means that when the POWER of prayer summons even the sleepiest drunkard from his or her bed—to come and stand-sit-lay AND chant with the simplest of intentions—to just be there in the midst of that most simple of powers—LOOK OUT, MIRACLES CAN to pray, prayers that resonate with God

And how do you do this, oh church of Jesus?

THIS IS SO simple it’s gonna make you not believe it could BE so simple—-90 seconds of chanting, “I AM”

THAT’S for starters. 

And then some scripture, read out loud, SLOWLY, for 90 seconds, without interpretation.

What scripture? 

Flip open your Holy Bible or any other scripture you’ve got going on…Bhagavad Gita, Quran, Tao te Ching…it is all okay.

Now you chant for 90 seconds, “AMEN”

Another round of scripture slowly read outloud—for 90 seconds. And in this way, you continue the cycle of chanting and slow reading over the period of 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes—even 10 minutes of this approach can seriously shift the paradigm, and make the intensely powerful vibration of resonance with God and Heaven.

The Prayer of Job is a sober reflection and a mild relief—when you are being afflicted, the loss of everything you own—deathly ill by some fluke of whateverness—no money, and helpless, left on the side of the road to die, basically. Satan and God made a deal to see how far you could be pushed before you hated God, and spat in the Face of God.

For some reason that only God can EVER know, ONE of the stipulations God made? Satan could do anything but kill you.

Though you might well kill yourself IF it gets bad enough, right? Or kill someone else. Or do almost any number of contiguous sins—just to escape the affliction of suffering given to you as a sick bet between God and The Henchman.

That is why everything you think and say and do, and so on…especially the way you feel, and what you feel, and HOW you feel—PLUS a lot more…like, the way your spirit feels, and makes you feel, and how you feel about that—it gets sent out via the ether (indulge me) AND so to every part of the furthest reaches of everythingness. It is all zinging and zanging with vibrations, and all the entire noise is transmitted via some way or another, to every other part of the other parts.

What’s totally wonderfully bizarre? You can certainly ask to know about any part of the big question mark in the sky. And you can ask directly from God. And the way you ask can be via your prayer to know…as in The Prayer of Job.

This can help you know more about what is really going on. Because what you think you see is NOT always what is really happening. Like how some of the stars you see in the night sky, million of years old be that there star light you be seeing. And in real, right-now time, your date and year—where are those stars? Right now? Not where you be seeing them in the night sky…tonight.


Because the night sky is a cluster cluck of various vintages of light. Even the visible night sky is a big fat deception—for the real stars are long gone from the place you are seeing them.

What’s this got to do with Praying?

It’s all got to do with the fact that where you are now is not where you think you are, at all. And when you resonate, you get to bio-locate yourself, and in reference to some constants that you may not have much time for.

AND so thusly, you don’t notice these constants—much. Except when you are out-of-whack, and then you really do notice the effect of the cause. AND so the effect can be known, and the original cause NOT known, at all.

The original cause can easily disguise inside pure innocence—you do not know where you are in error, what you’re doing to cause the effect, and how you are in sympathetic vibration to a much larger error.

Now, to put this all in context, and what you can do with this insight…to radically boost the gain and get of your prayer? I mean, let’s get you drooling at the mouth to bring this POWER to push dead bears up trees—you’ve got people and situations around you that are dangerous, or suffering, or just threatening themselves with a very slow and excruciating death by incipient creeping mediocrity—you’ve got to give each and every thought you have as turned over to the Original Thought…so your thoughts can be Thought Again.

You get a chance to make a choice, right now…based on a decision you’re making, right now—to get serious about getting serious. That’s the place you’ve got to? Maybe.

Now you need prayer, and you’re looking for it. And I am telling you about how to do it. Just start with the 90 Second God Vibration.


Nice and slow. Take your time, make the sound as you exhale, slow and easy. Your voice will be at a normal volume. A quiet speaking voice. And you chant the sound, “AMEN.” And a nice touch is to gradually get softer and quieter…until you are barely making a sound.

In 90 seconds, you can get maybe six, seven or eight rounds of the Sacred Sound.

Perhaps it is best if you know the meaning of “AMEN,” this Vibration of God. “So Be It,” is part of the meaning. But you must go to pray to God


YOUTUBE VIDEO: Coptic chant, “AMEN”

Here is another link for you to enjoy, and to share around online with your network. This one is a short video for getting the “AMEN” party started.

90 seconds is NOT that long a stretch of time, and yet so much can happen during that brief little snitch-it of tick-tick-tick.

S. Bob,

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