God’s Price?

the price of God, God's priceOR—The Strange Case of the Offensive God

S. Bob

Let’s say you can pick and choose your God. And you can decide what price you’re willing to pay for God…and now let’s say you can tell others what is the price of God. You can set the price…because you’ve created your own adaptation of God. So what is God’s Price?

Sometimes when you are creating your own version of God—when you’re selecting the attributes of the God you want to have as your God—it might be tempting to leave out character traits that are anything but Care Bear Heaven merges with Smurf Perfection Vibration Realm.

When you shop around for the God of your choice, there are a lot of variations on the extreme nature that deity can dress up in…the fashion show of bloody sacrifice, and hearts cut out…a parade of slaughter—you can’t come up with some of this on your own.

Like the price of God in certain jurisdictions at certain times and locations that we know about…oh, Aztecs in Mexico used to line up by the thousands to be murdered in turn.

IT blows your mind when you start to count up the total number of human beings who took their place to wait for the Aztec version of heart surgery.

Is it possible that the priest caste actually believed in God? Even if it was a bunch of Gods they had going on—did these people BELIEVE in it…like, a hard-core, born-again, foaming at the mouth Jesus believer? OR some other example, sheesh—you know there are FANATICS from every corner of the religion deal.

Holy Nothingness, I’ve even had atheists who are Evangelical Atheists…trying to convert people to their faith of believing that there is NO God…or any of that baloney. And it’s all silly nonsense, arguing over whether my imaginary super hero is more completely true than yours.

The Price of God could be seen being paid by the innocent dupes who are born into a society where they are turned into heart donors for a sophisticated elite who use mind-control to keep the entire population firmly in line.

Mind-control backed up with SWIFT enforcement of the proscribed rules and…customs. The taboos pricked with sharp and merciless retribution for violation. A priest with a club to bash your head in can be a fast incentive to join the game, and help you to pretend you believe so much that you start to think that you actually do believe…so much.

Authority Figures who use The Name of God to get their way—that might be a sign that you are paying a price for God. The way you are co-opted by the force of custom that does NOT budge, and tolerates little outside of the correct and true way…tight bits put in your mouth to curb your speech…again, a possible price to pay for God.

The cost of having a God that is different from the God of someone else…well, in some jurisdictions it is your life. You pay with your life to have a God of your own choosing—UNLESS you pretend, and play along.

Let’s face it, there are places, right now, where you can get in a lot of trouble for being a certain brand, and also a certain nationality. Like say, if you are Palestinian, and a Muslim—you might run into some serious problems with traveling in Israel.

AND if you are a Jew from Israel…you might find some danger—IF it was known that you were a Jew from Israel…if you were traveling in territory controlled by The Islamic State Caliphate in Syria.

Someone who is sane might look at all this fighting over God as the use of ideas to get an advantage in some way. And to somehow get more power—which most of the time is a way to get more money.

God is made to pay a price, so that the few people who have the stomach for it can gain power and control over the many. Even today this use of God continues, and you are made to pay the price of God.

Back in the day, Children were routinely murdered, and their hearts cut out of their bodies. All to give The Gods a nice snack of appeasement. And it doesn’t hurt the image to kill a lot of kids. IT sends a certain message to the empire you control.

What would make thousands of people go to their deaths, one-after-the-other…and NOT have a major problem keeping order…just a few enforcers to move ’em along? How does that get done? What’s the special brain-hack I can get to make thousands of people with FREE WILL let me cut their hearts out of their body?

It might be close to the same manipulation that gets me the power to sell some young and impressionable wanna-be soldier…on the glory and guts crypto-hero role that goes hand-in-hand bringing democracy and FREEDOM of religion to the sun-blasted lands of The Middle East.

This is the price of God…but only ONE price that is paid. And it’s the nitty-gritty of God’s Price that stares back at the horror of killing in The Name of Names. And yet, it is very clear from reading scripture that God has bargained dearly for the right to be the mortal’s God.

The pageant of death and conquest brought to The Holy Land by the arrival of the Jews in The Promised Land…was guaranteed by Jehová. And flipping over to the HINDU stylings…in the numerous stories of Arjuna—millions are slaughtered just to prove a point. Here is part of the tip of that point: Being with God often comes with a PRICE POINT that includes a lovely lot of slaughter.

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NOW why am I dwelling on this red hued gore-fest posing as Love, Peace and So On? Is it because I am a real buzz-killer? OR am I trying to say that God is a killer? Well, it is obvious that God is the premier executioner sitting in the room at any-one-time.

Which is odd, because I have personally been given an inside peek at the reality of what could be described as a state or field or REALM of Infinite Unconditional Love. And it was a steady, unwavering reality—built into God…and God was built into “it.”

So…where did does the mayhem and bloodlust and slaughter enter into the cosmic reality? Are there other civilizations on other planets that have come and gone—AND became too sick with the addiction to murder to figure a way out of that box?

Because once you get that twist in the kink-jink, it’s all a self-fulfilling momentum taking on traction and torque…ratcheting-up the stakes and tension with each incident. I think what can happen is that an entire society can lapse into a madness that turns on itself…with each person so crazed with paranoia for fear of being the next victim…that it’s just BETTER to strike out, and KILL or be KILLED. Especially when you mix in the frothing, rabid hunger to have everyone look the same way, talk the same way, worship the same way…and so on.

You might not like the answer to the question: What is the Price of God?
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The price you MUST pay…God’s price…what God will get you to pay…will be all the pretensions you have about anything to do with knowing God…being in dynamic, two-way, TELEPATHIC, thought-a-versation. You are going to be required by the fare-collector to pay the price to take the entire trip…from zero internal clear thought connection, all the way to full-on TELEPATHY…with God.

What price is there?
Well, sometimes your sanity. And you can alienate people…especially IF you start to prance around with your nose in the air, being extra-special-important…and God thinks to you, ‘cuz you’re just that much more evolved than the rest of the shuddering, scratching smelly mortals.

For me, the Price of God includes NOT striking out…NOT lashing out…and NOT being vengeful—even though my boiling-blood sings with rough battle, and no prisoners taken. That’s part of God’s price. But this is a price that when paid, pays for the price you just paid, PLUS a bonus of dividends…linked in direct proportion to where you are at on the sliding scale mounted firmly on the balance beam…of your entire inventory of each itchy and scratchy thought, feeling, impulse…from the most boring, mundane scab, to the most scintillating brilliance of upper-crust originality.

What counts is the FACT that some people have a much easier ride on the rollercoaster called LIFE—based on their birth lottery winnings. So for the lucky, the price of God is being grateful for having so many blessings and comforts, while many go without.

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The explanation about the price of God will continue later.

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