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Resonate with Heaven in 90 Seconds OR LESS

THE MOMENT, choice,effect,decisions,cause,The Las Vegas Example of the POWER of Cause & Effect—Choose and Decide—

Robert Farmilo

As I listen to the 120 or so seconds of the video number two in this cool-cat series on the POWER of “I AM.” This is simple stuff. Chanting with some humming and a bit of singing. Yeah, all set for The Las Vegas Example of RESONANCE with HEAVEN.

This is a little silly video of not-showing-off, the off-chant that you read this story about the POWER of chanting—it might change your entire attitude about how you can leverage cracks of time, and inject yourself with some quality-time hanging out with, “I AM.”

The beauty of this very cool blessing, the less than two minutes—even thirty seconds of chant-sing-hum the Great Name…causes resonance with Heaven.

And so, since in this series you’re getting the full-on-brunt of CAUSE and EFFECT, right? So…what’d you figure the EFFECT will be when you apply enough CAUSE over a short enough period of time…with the Resonance RePurposing as the simple approach…what’s gonna happen to you?

This isn’t some fancy dissolution of Creation mantra—-this is the Great Name, “I AM.” The singularity expressed here qualifies this vast sound as The Las Vegas Example—Demolition.

This is the sound of the burning bush. And it is blood curdlingly, OLD TESTAMENT. Don’t be gulled by visions of perfect, endless love, and twinkle-toed Sweet Angel, the Endless Sweep of Gracious Eternity—because “I AM” is soaked in the near infinite slaughter, birth, death, and rebirth from catastrophic annihilation.

Because you have a visible universe pointing at the scale of this violent example of The Las Vegas Example…but in this case it is Galaxies and Stars and Worm-Holes, and planets…all of these being destroyed by some big release of a lot of energy in a very short period of time.

It could be a big smack from a planet sized asteroid hitting your planet at say, oh—100,000 mph—that’d about do it. OR say a star going super-nova, unexpectedly—and enjoy being BBQ’d.

The galaxies that collide are numerous. In fact your galaxy is on a direct criss-cross, can’t miss, complete smack-smash-that’s-that disaster movie on a galactic scale.

And who knows how big tragedy can be? Maybe there is another Universe…a physical universe, similar to yours—and it’s heading this way. And your universe, and the other universe are going to crash into each other. What a mess?

Do you think that the fact that you can think this to be true actually makes it become true?

How far into the madness have YOU gone?

Feel like sharing yet? It’s safe, and it’s very satisfying to write exactly what you think about something without being afraid of being censored.

But that’s what happens, doesn’t it? To many “MOMENTS” that could have become, “The Moment,” but didn’t. Because of FEAR…of some sort or another. OR another place inside the heart—where the desire to change is strong enough to be very subtle…in the way that you release the energy…where you put the charges, and how much POWER you put into each charge.

This brings in the ART of the CAUSE. The W5’s of the Cause are beyond crucial. They must be in syncrony AND make a nice matrix of subtle supports for the desired effect to actually happen, and NOT something that you will end up calling, “The Mistake.”

  • Who-What-Where-When-WHY?

The W5’s are a way inside the fine tuning of choice and deciding…these two POWERS that are beyond important for you to give to yourself.

  • THE W5’s of your desired EFFECT?

Do you know what IS your really serious desired effect that you want to have happen as a direct or indirect result of the cause that you release? Do you know what you want to have happen?

Enter into a state of perfect clarity about what you want to have happen—THE Effect you want. Use the W5’s as a way deeper inside the detailing of your real and true desire.

Now you can begin to assert your allegiance to God, and ask for the pure alignment. What’s going on? You are going to ask for the CAUSE to come, NOW. Whatever the cause is going to best be. That’s how you want to frame this RePurposing.

Now sometimes buildings are demolished. Explosives are used, and when the cause is applied with all the W5’s in support of each other, the effect is as planned, as invisioned.

And down comes the building. And an obstacle to making more money is destroyed. And energy is released. A lot of energy is released in a short period of time to bring the building down. AND a lot of energy is harnessed and released when the site of the OLD building…gets redeveloped—RePurposed.

And so The Las Vegas Example of the POWER of choice, deciding—AND Cause and Effect—is the example set by deliberately destroying something. The impulse to ReProfit from existing assets…hence the use of demolition to quickly keep the cash-flow…flowing.

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Have some fun once in a while…if you can. It helps.

—All the Best!
Swami Bob
S. Bob
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AND the final boon for you…this video on DEMOLITION…is yours for staying until the end of the piece. This video is the highlight of Dollar Power bending spoons.

VIDEO! See Buldings DESTROYED–The Las Vegas Example <=== click this!the moment, the las vergas example



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