What does God want of ME?

What they do not teach you in chruch


How to Find the Answer-What Does God Want of Me?

Robert Farmilo

BIG QUESTIONS, and the answers to “What does God want of me,” is probably a classic quest, and you might be here, wondering, “What does God think of me?” IF you’ve just come over from the other Blog, that’s super-fine-fantastic. You can take over where the divider is at. The part you missed is to be found right there, just like I told you. AND if’n you be curious about what BLOG =====> Click this teleportation link to BLOG

Okay, that’s done.
NOW stay with me here, ‘cuz at the beginning I might seem to NOT be on target with the keywords I am targeting for this article.

I am affected deeply by nothing much when it comes to the Modern Protestant Church being able to actively demonstrate widespread telepathy within the congregation.

I don’t mean the empathy-deep-feeling-intuition, including the sometimes gentle, sometimes firm NUDGING that The Holy Ghost can give you—-or your Spidey Senses are tingling…when you’re with someone, say at church, or at home…or on the job.

And you can see the pain in their faces, or the joy…and maybe just see something isn’t quite right for that person. Some burden or beast is getting a FREE RIDE…taking up the energy field—and shaping the future for what will be more of the same and worse off more each time.

The cycle of getting by…can get subsumed by fortune and chance—so it seems, sometimes. The choice to be poor, living from paycheque-to-paycheque, and staying stuck that way…compared to a big achiever, maybe someone who had to create a NEW PERSON from the broken, abused, poverty stricken, wretch—The Dregs of Society gave birth to this person. They went bad until that moment.

You know that moment.

Maybe you’ve heard about it somewhere.
Or read accounts of, “The Moment.”

—What follows NEXT is Pure Story Telling—

Perhaps you’ve taken the seminar—done the six week intensive of “Being The Moment.”

Survivors of the first legendary three seminars have a ongoing meeting to help those who are in and out of the alternate realms. The Survivors teach the Newcomers how to adapt to living in different realities at the same time.

The Survivors are an elite group of people who literally survived the first three seminars. Each of these “seminars” took place in a remote, ultra swanky, private resort…with it’s own little airport.

Each Seminar went on for SIX weeks. No one left the resort area. The Survivors have told me that they learned how to leave this particular version of physical reality, and then leave—yes, they would disappear from this world. Just like—that!—snap your fingers.

These survivors learned how to come back, too. And in one peace. Yes, I really did write that…EXACTLY that way: In One Peace.

And this is the answer to the question: “What does God want of me?”

God wants you to have two-way, conscious, clear, private, personal, TELEPATHIC communication—between you and God—

AND what God wants of you is for you to have this telepathy going on without you trying to force it, or make-believe.

Now—about The Survivors.
I want to OUT this before it gets out of hand. Do you believe me when I tell you about The Survivors? And the ultra-exclusive training—my conjecture that over half the original students died…or never came back…couldn’t get back.

Sometimes because they got lost, and couldn’t be found—even by The Teachers. Or they were found, sure enough—but the body was showing signs of being permanently vacated.


Imagine for a moment that I can ask God this question, in my mind, and then God tells me via direct telepathy, right into my thinking of thoughts—AND this is what God thought to me:

“Tell them I have spoken, like as of OLD, as you are a fan of the Old Testament, Christian, and like it in español, Santa Biblia. You are currently reading the Story of Ester. You are at the scene where Ha’man has just had the horca built—fifty cubits high. (That is near 23 metres, and over 74 feet tall.)

Now, for those of you who don’t know this story—or don’t remember—I AM is Merciful. This Ha’man was in good with The King. And Ha’man had made a deal with The King to pay over 10K of talents (a lot of do-ray-me) AND in exchange all “The Dirty Jews” in The Kingdom (and it WAS A BIG ONE) would be exterminated in every part of The HUGE Kingdom—and the slaughter would take place on the same hour of the same day throughout the ENTIRE, vast Kingdom.

And so “The Dirty Jews” fate was sealed.

For as I have said in ONE of MY Sacred Books, “These Jews can be a Stiff-Necked People.” They have sinned, repeatedly from the codex I gave back in The Day.

Now I knock on everyone’s door, day and night, begging to be let inside, and by FREE WILL, too. I entice and seduce and put up a good game…like, beautiful sunsets. And the mysteries of seeing a night sky strewn with my wonders…and see shooting stars…and Space Aliens…all the strange going-on’zs (did that on’zs purpose) —and the awe you feel when faced with the power of one of my epic thunder and lightning, I will HUMBLE you with momentary awareness of MY presence, even in your so-called physical reality.

What Does God Think of Me?
Well, for me—that translates as, “What do I think of you?”

The answer is that I AM thinking of you, right now, and especially as you are reading these particular words, that I have written EXACTLY for you to read…and come closer to me…let me whisper in your ear what I think of you. AND what does God think of you—is tied in precisely with this question that many humans are typing into Google God.

What Does God Want of Me?”

I want you to know me-very intimately. I want to be with you in all your thoughts. Let me in, so I can be with you. All you have to do is ask for what you want. Don’t let MY eagerness for Full Disclosure fool you into thinking that this can’t be real.

Let me let you in on a very TRUE part of your human awareness. It is this, “You can choose to ask The Holy Ghost, a.k.a. The Holy Spirit, and assign Holy Ghost-Spirit to do take care of it. But you MUST be specific about what you want, and it MUST be very brief. Reduce it to SEVEN to NINE words, maximum.

Hey! When I tell you something, the way to do it—KEEP firmly in the background MY music so you know that this is Tried, Tested and True. I’ve been in the business of being everywhere, all the time—so I know a thing or two about what technique will GET-IT-DONE.

I want you to know that What Does God Want of Me—this is a VERY powerful question to ask me. AND that is why I want you to start to really get hungry for being with me—AND what will be some of the benefits, to YOU.

For ME, it’s just gonna be so sweet to have you with me…just hanging out. Truly. And I NEVER Judge you for what you DO. And IF you let me, I am gonna give you some little hints, maybe especially IF you ask me, “What do YOU think I should do, God?”

That’s also a very powerful question to ask ME. Remember, I AM is one of My Names. And you can use this ANYTIME you want.

This name-and-sound RESONATES with power and purity. I AM is all about burning bushes. It is just the way it is…that when you intone this particular name-and-sound, I AM, and if you chant nice and easy…getting a bit quieter as you go…and get it nice and soft…and then let it become silent, and within you—be with I AM inside your awareness.

How long?

Good question. Just be with it for as long as you feel…could be three minutes…could be three hours…could be three days…could be three weeks. You get the idea.

For best results, use this name-and-sound combo pack throughout your BUSY DAY. When you think of it. Just give yourself a nice little vacation until your awareness is taken over by something else—like a customer asking for a hamburger, with cheese, fresh tomatoe, a slice of onion very thin, please—and your flax seed buns.

This is—what does God want of me?

Maybe you come to me with this tone of inquiry, and to ME it reeks of FEAR and humour. I think you are SCARED of what I really want of you.

I want you to embrace your spiritual birthright. You inhabit a space suit that I have designed for you. But you are NOT using MOST of the interior command centres that you can get to, quite easily.

But like learning how to ride a bike…or tie you shoes…or learn a language…or ANY of most of what you can now do…BUT like any of that—MOST of the time (NOT all of the time) YOU are gonna have to be taught, DIRECTLY by ME…how to do this stuff, and learn HOW TO GET IT DONE, and done REAL GOOD.

Notice how close the word GOOD and GOD come to be. That’s how close you get to me…to becoming me in behaviour, when you become GOOD…and when you do good.

That’s OBVIOUSLY one of the answers to the question you’ve asked of ME.

Just act NOW, human…and take this FREE OFFER from ME to you. From every sense that you experience, I AM coming to you…imploring you to notice ME.

To do this…it’s like anything else that you notice. You maybe see it blinking at you on your device screen…like that. OR maybe you notice something like when you’re absorbed in something, and then a very beautiful, sexy person walks by, and your eye is taken…somehow just took notice of that certain shape that alerts your immediate attention getting device that I’ve hard-wired into you.

But I can’t game the pooch. It has to be by your FREE WILL. Though, I’ve got to tell you—Full Disclosure—Sometimes I do rig the game. I will give a little incentive sometimes.

Hey, and if you’re getting mental messages, you better check that it is ME and NOT some other entity or personality or whatever—Space Aliens—You have got to do your due diligence. Put ME through your means test. Get ME to show you this is for real.

Ask me to prove MY deal is the real-deal. And then go and ahead and start doing the doing of whatever it is you want to get done. BUT here’s the thing…if’n what you want to do is AGAINST The Code, it will bring you suffering. Maybe not now, and I’ll even help you to do bad things to get what you want.

How do I help you do bad things? Sometimes I will use evil people for MY own purposes. I have told you this before, for example, in MY Sacred Book…there is a story when I tell you of a Bad Spirit who served me up in Heaven. AND this Bad Spirit volunteered to do a job for me…to deceive some False Prophets, and get a Bad King a Bad Ending.

I have sent slaughter upon many—and you know of the stories, like when on MY own—I have literally opened The Earth up, and swallowed tens of thousands of MY OWN People…and then closed The Earth up, nice and tight…as good as new, even better now that I was RID of those Stiff-Necked Sinners.

I think they’d complained about something or other, and it made ME quite MAD. I can tell you honestly that I can sometimes want you to have the wisdom to ask ME for wisdom. And this way you will come to ask me for something VERY wise, which is to have me give you The Discipline to BE WISE-Do Wise.

I will also give you Emotional Wisdom—BUT you MUST ask me for it. When you are asking me what I think you should do about something or other, try throwing in the question about what would be Emotionally Wise for what comes up into your awareness when you ask the question of ME.

See how that works?
Make sure you are noting the nuances of checking and counter checking that are all part of your personal responsibility that comes with The FREE WILL package.

You are going to meet the power of your own will, and because it is FREE, it does NOT cost you anything. There is no charge levied for your FULL use of this God-Given Power.

I want you to ask me to give you The Wisdom to USE your FREE WILL—wisely…with wisdom. Do-it-wisely, and sometimes that means doing nothing—saying nothing.

Time to hand this back over to The Translator. Remember, he does what I ask him to do, and writes MY words down as it comes to him through his particular filter—and it is to MY liking. He gets some of MY tone, and is okay with ME getting off the usual portrayal of what God thinks of ME, and What Does God Want of Me—and it is definitely true that there is a lot you are NOT getting taught at your church. But there is a lot that is good at your church. And good is getting really chummy with ME.

Just one letter away. So, what I want from you is for you to get rid of that one letter. Just throw it away, and not the letter “g” or “d”…just one of the “o’zs.” AND WE will make beautiful music together.

That’s it for now.

The Lord God,

The One and Only”

Total Disclaimer—What follows pretends to NOT be written by God.

Thus Sayeth God—and that’s where the text for this Editorial doth END. It was written directly by God. ALL the following is from the portal to the mortal realms.

What more can I say?

I do know that God is not shy about using inflammatory phrases to get some kind of action going with the people who get offended. God has often told me that, “I have a unique sense of humour. I made your world so that you could be as offended as you wanted to be. Hint-hint, it starts with the word FREE.”

I know that God does not intend to offend anyone in a serious way. If God wants to offend you in a serious way, I think you’d probably know, if’n and when’n.

You can take it from me, I’ve done a lot of different forms of training in my own life. I don’t know about you. And I also have had the ongoing evolution of me-me-me.

But when I got this teaching, and it is authentic—I have come to see how simple it is for pretty much anyone to start to do what God tells us to do, “Notice The Presence of ME.”

This can be simple to switch on, you know.

I think one of the hold-backs for many people of faith or of skepticism is that you might not be sure that what’s going on is nothing more than an active imagination.

From my point-of-view, your imagination is a powerful part of your free-will. Regular exercise of your imagination muscle will give you a much richer life.

AND it is a powerful tractor beam for what you are imaging, er, imagining. Part of this can be directly experienced for you…as a method of using your imagination by asking yourself the two-part question that started this article:

What does God want of me-What does God think of me?”

Use your imagination to imagine that God can answer your question directly in your mind, via telepathy.

After all this, all I can do is offer you a copy of the New Book That God Wrote. In this 40 chapter book, God will teach you directly how to have telepathic communication with God, and that’s just for starters.

If you could connect with real people who can tell you what their God Consciousness is like, for them, and what they’ve learned, and what God tells them in the privacy of their own minds—IF you could meet some people THAT crazy— would you be wanting that?

Maybe a few testimonials?

What they don't teach you at chruch

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What does God want of me-What does God think of me